Friday, September 14, 2012

Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter

Of all of the things her dad could have told her, why did he have to say that she, Kylie Galen, was a chameleon? What did that even mean? And why did he tell her that the would figure it out together?

Kylie's life has always been a mess, but this - this topped it all off. Between trying to figure out what being a chameleon is and figuring out her feelings for both Lucas and Derek, Kylie is stressed out to the the max. Being a chameleon has almost distracted her from her ghost problems. Almost.

When the ghost she is helping looks suspiciously like the camp leader, Holiday, Kylie really begins to freak. The ghost wants to tell her something important, but like every other ghost Kylie has ever come across, this ghost won't just come out and say it. And with the possibility of Mario's gang being after her Kylie just wants to stop worrying about everything.

Kylie's world has never been thrown into such disarray before. C.C. Hunter is able to show how Kylie's life is spinning out of control and readers will be with Kylie every step of the way. More than one mystery is taking place in Whispers at Moonrise (the fourth book in the Shadow Falls series; other reviews can be found here) and readers will read chapter after chapter to see if their suspicions are correct. Out of all of the Shadow Falls books, Whispers at Moonrise is more focused on the mystery surrounding Kylie and her ghosts, but it still has the love triangle between Kylie, Lucas, and Derek. There is even mystery in Kylie's love life. What exactly is Lucas up to and why won't he tell her things? Join Kylie in finding out what her future holds for her and those she cares for in Whispers at Moonrise.

Received ARC from publisher. Whispers at Moonrise will be available October 2, 2012.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And Now For an Extremely Important (not) Update

So, as you have probably figured out, my posts have been a bit all over the place and this is because school is kicking my ass. Well kind of. I'm enjoying my classes but I seem to have a ton of reading homework with all of my classes. This means that posting is going to happen when ever it happens - especially since one of my classes requires me to keep a blog for class (again) and that kind of takes precedence over the blog I keep for fun (aka: this blog).

In other news, I received my ARC of Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter!! And I have read it, so be expecting that review in the future (and by future I mean like later today or tomorrow). I have been completely over the moon with this book and I really want to read more. I absolutely love all of the swag I received with the book as well. I'm going to have to take a picture of everything and put it up here. I still have a bunch of bookmarks...maybe I will put together some kind of giveaway. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments and maybe give me ideas of when I should do said giveaway. It might be after I reach a certain number of followers. Who knows.

Other things in my life are pretty normal. I am getting into the swing of things here at school and things are going well. Bad news is that there are massive wildfires near my home town and I really wish I could be there to see it (you can apparently see it from my parents' house). I warned my mom not to let my dad go fire didn't go so well the last time. Here are some photos that I took:

Badger Mountain Fire 2008
Badger Mountain Fire 2008
Badger Mountain Fire 2008
Badger Mountain Fire 2008
Just so we are all clear - I want to be home so I can see the fire and take pictures, but I am also concerned because a ton of people have been evacuated from their homes and I am sure that it is really hard for them. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been evacuated.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson thinks that he is an ordinary kid. He couldn't be further from the truth. Truth is he's a demigod. And not just any demigod either. Turns out he's the son of one of the Big Three - Poseidon in fact. Also turns out that Zeus is out to get him because the "King of the Gods" thinks the Percy stole his precious Master Bolt. To make matters worse, Percy's mom has been kidnapped by Hades.

Now Percy and his friends, Grover and Annabeth, must travel across the country to confront Hades and they meet some interesting people along the way. Will Percy find the Master Bolt and save his mom before the deadline? Will they figure out who is behind the deadly plot stirring among the gods? And most importantly will Percy ever find out the prophecy that might explain his fate?

Rick Riordan's first Percy Jackson novel is exciting for readers of all ages. Those interested in modern Greek mythology will have a fun time reading Percy's adventure. Percy is a fun character who is easy to relate to. Readers will fall in love with Percy and his gang of friends and will want to read the rest of the books right away.

The Kane Chronicles: The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan

Sadie and Carter Kane continue to follow the path of the Ancient Egyptian gods in order to restore the world from the powers of Chaos. The brother and sister pair have much to lose if they are unable to restore Ma'at, including themselves.

Sadie still struggles with her two loves, Walt Stone - the boy who is cursed - and Anubis - the god of funerals. Carter also has continued romantic struggles with Zia Rashid.

The two will have to split up and unite the gods if they ever have a chance of winning against Chaos and Apophis. It is a rush against very limited time - with they be able to destroy the snake or will they be consumed by Chaos forever?

The Serpent's Shadow is the final installment in The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan (book one and book two). Told in the point of views of both Sadie and Carter, this book is full of wit as well as serious moments. It is a great ending to the chronicles and if readers enjoy Riordan's other works they will be sure to enjoy this book as well. Perhaps readers will see Sadie and Carter sometime in the future as the ending leaves the book rather open ended.

Origin by Jessica Khoury

Pia has never known more than the enclosed scientific community she has grown up in. Bred by scientist to be the first of an immortal race, Pia has been groomed to become a scientist herself and then to become head of the entire project. Their purpose: to create an entire immortal race.

For Pia, her entire life has been spent hidden from the world and the world hidden from her. Until just before her seventeenth birthday, that is. A new scientist helps Pia open her eyes to the ignorance she has been taught and the night of Pia's seventeenth birthday, she discovers a hole in the fence of the enclosed compound. Yearning for a chance to see some part, even a small part, of the outside world draws her outside.

In the Amazon jungle she has always seen, but never stepped foot in, Pia meets Eio - a boy from a nearby village. The attraction is instant as they race to discover the history of Pia's origin. How she was created and how others of her kind can be created. The truth could get them killed and will change both their lives forever.

Overall I thought the book was great. I really got into it and I enjoyed the plot. There were small things that confused me, like the passage of time. I wasn't quite sure how much time had passed from the beginning of the novel to the end and the days seemed to mesh together. Other than confusion with the passage of time, Pia was a strongly voiced narrator. Readers will be able to feel her confusion at all of the secrets and her passion for what she believes is right. Pia is a strongly relatable character. Parts of the book were more gruesome than I expected and there were times when the gruesome bits made me feel a bit green. Other than those two complaints and some minor grammar errors, the book was really good. The romance of the jungle and the first boy Pia meets are driving factors in the novel as much as the secrets of Little Cam - the scientific community. I feel that older teens will enjoy the book a bit more than younger teens or tweens.

I received an ARC from Goodreads Firstreads. The book comes out in September.