Monday, August 27, 2012

Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter

Kylie Galen still doesn't know what she is and she wants to know so badly that it physically hurts. She also wants to know who she is supposed to be with: Derek or Lucas. Why is it so hard to choose? And her true family; she still doesn't know who they are or why it is so hard for her to find them. But maybe the unsolved mysteries are better unsolved...

It doesn't help that Kylie's latest ghost has amnesia. How is Kylie supposed to help when the ghost can't even remember who she is? And the ghost's only warning: someone lives and someone dies. As if  things weren't creepy enough.

Always seeming to race against time, Kylie tries to uncover the past and unlock the secrets to a discovery that is more astonishing than she could have ever thought possible - what she really is.

Once again, C.C. Hunter takes readers on a fantastic ride through a world of magic and mystery. Kylie's ever growing and learning character will make readers continue to fall in love with her over and over again. Some questions will finally be answered, and new questions will be raised. What does this mean for Kylie? Will she ever be able to choose between Derek and Lucas? Will she ever be safe in Shadow Falls? Find out in Taken at Dusk! (reviews for books one and two can be found here and here)

Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins

Sophie Mercer has been through more than she would like to admit. Striped of her powers, but not powerless, Sophie finds out that there is more to her family history than just being a demon. Her mother is the daughter of Aislinn Brannick - the Brannicks being nearly as terrible as the Eye when it comes to Prodigium.

However, the Brannicks aren't nearly as terrible as Sophie has once believed. They know of a way to stop the demons from being made and to put things back they way they should be and the Brannicks seem to think that Sophie is the key.

Without her powers, Sophie isn't convinced that she will be able to stop anything, let alone the end of the world. Will she be able to get her powers back before it is too late? Or will the evil lurking at Hex Hall rule over all?

This final installment in the Hex Hall trilogy will keep readers enthralled. With twist and turns, much like the first two books (Hex Hall and Demonglass), Spell Bound is a book that readers won't put down until they are finished. Sophie is a strong and determined character and even though she is a demon, her boy problems are just like any teens. Will she be able to choose between Archer and Cal? And will Elodie's ghost ever leave her alone?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch...

Which is why she had been sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for troubled teens who aren't exactly human. However this wasn't the case. Well, she did need reform school, but she isn't exactly a witch. Now she knows the secret of her family and her ex-├╝ber-hot-crush, Archer Cross, works for The Eye (a group that is hell bent on destroying all Prodigium - fairies, witches, shapeshifter, etc.).

Now that she knows she is a demon, Sophie wants to go through the Removal. Her powers have the ability to destroy everything she loves, therefore she believes that she must go to London to remove her powers in order to keep those she loves safe.

When Sophie arrives, however, she discovers that she and her dad aren't the only ones of their kind - there are two others staying with them for the summer. This means that someone is raising demons in secret and for some plot that Sophie can't even begin to fathom. And among all of that, The Eye is creeping closer and they are using Archer Cross to do so. But it isn't like Sophie still has feelings for him, right?

This second book in the Hex Hall trilogy has twists and turns that readers won't believe. Sophie is still as spunky as ever and she is willing to fight - whether it be Archer or her father. Readers won't want to put the book down and the ending is sure to make them go out and buy the third book in an instant.

Awake at Dawn by C.C. Hunter

Kylie Galen still has no clue what she is. Being at Shadow Falls surrounded by vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, witches, and fairies doesn't help her feelings of wanting to belong. Everyone seems to belong to a group except for her. All Kylie knows is that there is a new ghost that doesn't let her sleep past dawn. A ghost that keeps insisting that someone Kylie knows is going to die before the summer is over.

Even with the death of someone she cares for looming over her, Kylie's biggest problem seems to be her love life. Or rather the ache she feels now that Lucas, the handsome werewolf, has left camp, even though he has been visiting her in her dreams. Then there is Derek, the charmingly sexy half fae, who wants their relationship to become more serious. Kylie knows that she will have to choose, but how? Both guys care for her and not knowing who to choose pains her.

However, a dark supernatural force is within Shadow Falls causes Kylie to put romance on the back burner. Whatever it is threatens everything and everyone Kylie cares for at camp, but it also brings her closer to who she is and her destiny. All Kylie wants to know is: when will she finally get a break in the madness?

The second book in the Shadow Falls Series is just as captivating as the first (Born at Midnight). Kylie's struggles to find out who she is are central to the plot and will drive readers crazy with wanting to know more. There seem to be even more secrets to unravel as the book moves along and readers will rush through the pages to solve the mysteries - of who, or rather, what Kylie is; of whom is the ghost speaking; and what exactly is running around the forests of Shadow Falls?

Fateful by Claudia Gray

Tess Davies was just a servant working for the Lisles, a wealthy family, when she boarded the Titanic. Tess has been dreaming of this day; the day that she arrives in America and can be free of the Lisles and the pains they have caused her in the past. That is until she meets Alec.

From the moment Tess laid eyes on Alec, she knew her fate was about to change. Just one little problem: Alec is a first-class passenger and he has a ship-full of secrets. One of which is his reason for leaving Europe in such a hurry.

Before Tess realizes she is up to her neck in the secrets Alec possesses: werewolves exist and not only are they after Alec, but her as well. Her growing relationship with Alec puts her in mortal danger, but what everyone doesn't know is that they are all in danger in the deceptively calm waters of the Atlantic.

Claudia Gray spins an alluring tale of romance, werewolves, and of course the Titanic in Fateful. Readers will enjoy the heart gripping passages and fast paced story telling as Tess takes them on a one of a kind adventure. Will Alec and Tess live happily ever after? Will they meet their doom on the "Ship of Dreams?" Or will something a little more sinister cause their end?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vespers Rising by Various Authors of the 39 Clues series

The 39 Clues have been found, but the Cahill's weren't the only ones looking.

Vespers Rising takes readers through the history of the Cahill family and answers the questions asked by every reader - what exactly happened to the original Cahill clan? Starting with Gideon Cahill all the way through to Amy and Dan, readers will go on an adventure through the centuries to figure out the Cahill family secret and who the Vespers are.

Written in four parts by Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman, and Jude Watson, readers will be sure to enjoy every moment of this action packed eleventh book of The 39 Clues series. Secrets will be revealed and danger lurks behind every page. This book is the prefect opener to the newest part of the series: Cahills vs. Vespers.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter

Kylie Galen never thought that she would ever end up at a camp for troubled teens. One little mistake and her mother ships her off to Shadow Falls (well the therapist might have had something to do with it too). Upon arrival it becomes obvious that her fellow camp-mates aren't just "troubled teens." Shadow Falls is a summer camp for training fairies, vampires, werewolves, witches, and shapeshifters. While the groups may not all get along, they all train together to learn to control their magic in order to rejoin the normal world.

Kylie has never felt normal, but she doesn't feel like she belongs at Shadow Falls either. Everyone insists she is one of them - a freak - and that she wouldn't be there if there wasn't a reason.

For someone who has no wish to cause trouble, trouble seems to be attracted to her and their names are Derek and Lucas. Derek is half fae and he and Kylie seem to have an instant attraction. There there is Lucas...a totally hot werewolf Kylie shares a past with. If there was one person she thought she would never see again, it was Lucas.

As confusing as Shadow Falls can be for some one who has never seen been anything but "human" before, Kylie knows it is where she belongs.

This is the first book in the Shadow Falls series and readers who enjoyed Hex Hall will love this book as well. Kylie has always known that there was something off about her, but once she is at Shadow Falls it becomes clear that people have kept secrets from her all her life. Readers will be intrigued by the plot, not to mention the two extremely good looking guys that vie for Kylie's attention. Once finished, readers will beg for more wanting to know the secrets in Kylie's life.

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Sophie Mercer is a witch. You know, black hats, and cats. Plus some mistakes...okay, a lot of mistakes. Which have landed her in Hex Hall, a reform school for others like her. Well, and some fairies and vampires. Not to mention the werewolves and other shifters.

By the end of her first day, Sophie knows she doesn't have any more luck at Hex Hall then she did in the mortal world. The three most popular girls in school hate her, she is crushing on one seriously hot warlock who happens to be way out of her league, and to make it all worse her roommate is a vampire that the entire school seems to hate.

Then things become even worse. Something is attacking students and Sophie's only friend is on top of the lists of fact she is the only suspect. As the plot unfolds, Sophie realizes that not everything is as it seems and that her life is in danger.

Readers will love Sophie's spunk and daring in the first book of the Hex Hall trilogy. As the mystery unfolds it becomes clear that Sophie is at the center of a great web of confusion and danger. Page after page and chapter after chapter, readers will have trouble putting the book down. Sophie's story is engaging and exciting to read.

Only His by Susan Mallery

Nevada Hendrix is happy for her triplet sisters, she really is. Its just that even her mother has a more active love life than she does. And to make matters worse, she just applied for her dream job. Not that her dream job is a bad thing, but it is her future boss causing the issues. Her boss happens to be her first love; the very first person to break her heart.

Tucker Janack knew there was a chance of running into Nevada when he came back to Fool's Gold. He just never thought that she would be applying for the job with his company. Trying to leave the past behind and keeping things "just business" might be harder than either of them thought.

As things heat up will they be able to overcome their differences or will the past come back to haunt them?

This last book about the Hendrix triplets is sure to give readers warm and fuzzy feelings. Both Tucker and Nevada are lovable characters. Fool's Gold continues to be a charming Northwestern town that many readers will wish they could actually visit. With characters old and new, readers will be wanting to get their hands on anything Fool's Gold related after finishing this book.

Living the Book Readers Life

Instead of blogging (I know, I'm sorry! I'm trying, I swear on the precious!) I have been reading...which mostly means that I am even further behind on reviews. *sigh* I mean, that is kind of good and bad news at the same time. Good news: more reviews. Bad news: it is going to take forever. Not that I want it to take forever, but it is hard to keep up sometimes. Especially now because school starts on the 20th.

So here is the list of books I have read since the last update post (and no, I still haven't finished reading Brisingr...):

  1. Origin by Jessica Khoury (I received an ARC from Goodreads First Reads)
  2. Cloaked by Alex Flinn
  3. Matched by Ally Condie
  4. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
  5. Abandon by Meg Cabot
  6. Underworld by Meg Cabot
  7. Eternal Vows by Chrissy Peebles 
  8. Eternal Destiny by Chrissy Peebles
I am trying to catch up on reviews. Keep watching for them because they are on their way.

Only Yours by Susan Mallery

Montana Hendrix has always had difficulty finding her place in life, but now she finally has a job she can see herself going places with. Working with dogs, training them to be service animals, seems like the best job in the world. Until she screws up royally.

Cue hansome, out of town, pain in the ass, surgeon Simon Bradley. Simon would much rather leave the mess of reality behind. He buries   himself in his work - helping severely burned children become semi whole again. He knows that these children will never be deemed "beautiful" or "normal" ever again, but he also knows that he can help make a difference in their lives.

Both physically and emotionally scarred, Simon doesn't know what to make of the bubbly Montana Hendrix. Will Montana be able to break through Simon's seemingly impenetrable walls, or will Simon move on like he has his entire life?

This continuation of the Fool's Gold series by Susan Mallery is a light and fluffy read. Readers will fall in love with both Simon and Montana as the mysteries of their pasts are revealed. This heartfelt romance will be a great summer read, especially if readers have enjoyed Mallery's other works.