Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 30 - Demigods or Vampires

If this is a question of Percy Jackson over Twilight, then Percy Jackson will always win. No contest. Demigods are way better than Sparklepires. End of story. In fact I am going to go to the new Twilight movie just to sit and laugh at it. Time well spent, I think so.

Day 29 - Saddest Character Death

The saddest death had to have been Charles Beckendorf. It was so unexpected and it was horrible to see his girlfriend's (Silena Beaurgard) reaction. She was devastated. While Bianca di Angelo's death made me sad/cry, Beckendorf's death shocked me.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 28 - OMG moment A.K.A Best Plot Twist

The plot twist that started it all - Luke working for Kronos. I totally didn't see that coming when I read the book the first time. However, I did notice it the second time I read the book. I guess that is what happens when you read a book more than once.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bad Blogger

So I have been a bad, bad blogger. I meant to keep this blog going as well as do Tumblr...we see how well that has worked. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be able to update a bunch with all of the books I have been reading. Here are just a few of them: Catching Fire, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Speak, The Goddess Test, and I could go on...

In other news I will be going to Texas to see Cousin during Thanksgiving break which is very happy making. This will probably be when I review all of the books I have read. I am also going to be making my Christmas/birthday list. It is getting to be one of my favorite times of the year and I am really excited. Let's just hope Cousin and I have time to have our super hero movie marathon.

I shall also be completing my Percy Jackson challenge since I never finished it (damn Tumblr).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


...has taken over my life...need to do homework? Nope there's tumblr!! I blame my new friends in my Shakespeare class...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 27 - Best kiss

Really? This is a day? Because I though that I have thoroughly covered this by now. Annabeth was kissed by Percy underwater at Camp Half-Blood (see what I did there? I made a Clue joke). Like I have said before, this is one of my all time favorite scenes in the whole series (it even beats out the old ladys knitting the blue socks of death). So yeah, favorite ship/scene/kiss/quote is this one right here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 26 - Favourite Ship

Percy/Annabeth. How could I pick any other one? It is so clear that they are meant to be. Which is very happy making for me. Their kiss in the last book is one of my all time favorite scenes. Even with the gods messing in their lives, they still try to be together and Annabeth will tear the Earth apart to find Percy again.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 25 - Your favourite prophecy.

The prophecy that Rachel gives at the end of The Last Olympian. It sets up the whole next series and I love it. I love the stories and I love that they are still going strong. So, so excited for Son of Neptune. I can't wait to see what happens to Percy. I don't think the Roman camp will be as easy on Percy as the Greek camp was on Jason. Just saying.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 24 - Your favourite mortal.

Paul Blofis is my favorite mortal. Not only is he super cool, but he asked Percy if he could marry his mom. He even helped fight monsters in The Last Olympian. What kind of mortal does that? I like to think that he also didn't really mind that a Pegasus landed on his Prius. I also enjoyed his reaction to meeting Poseidon. So funny.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The post where I explain where I have been

So school has started again. I am taking five English classes (beginning to think that is a mistake) and most of them are fun so far. As fun as a week and two days of classes can be I suppose. I have caught up with my school friends and have met some fellow Whovians and a Starkid fan. Life is pretty good right now.

I am taking a young adult literature class and we get to read Speak, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and The Hunger Games, just to name a few. I am excited because Speak is the first book we are reading and it is followed by Perks of Being a Wallflower, but The Hunger Games is the last book we will read.

This weekend my sister wanted to get together, but I made up stories about not being available. She and You-Know-Who wanted to have me over for lunch, but I said I already had plans and their response was "dinner then." I said I would have to talk to Roommate. I talked to Roommate and we came up with the plan that I would owe her big time and she would come to dinner with me. My sister's response to this was "We want to have YOU over for dinner to spend time with YOU." Needless to say, I was thoroughly creeped out. I never, never, never ever want to spend time with those two idiots alone. EVER. Plus I'm pretty sure it was You-Know-Who that was sending me the text messages, not my sister. I'd rather have a meal with Cousin's mother. And that is saying something.

I was shocked to see that I didn't already have a Doctor Who tag...which is sad because I love, love, love Doctor Who. Doctor who makes me happy and since it returned on Saturday, I have been extra happy. The episode "Lets Kill Hitler" was hilarious, well parts were hilarious. The rest was plot and seriousness. All I will say of the episode is Hitler in a cupboard...

What is even more surrprising is I keep mentioning OTPs and I haven't ever mentioned Amy and Rory. I love the relationship Amy and Rory have. My other Doctor Who OTPs inclued: The Doctor (11)/River, The Doctor (10)/Rose, and The Doctor (all)/TARDIS.

Day 23 - A scene from the books that made you sad/cry.

The scene where Bianca di Angelo dies. Even though she wasn't in the book for long, I grew to like her and it was sad when she died. It was also sad what her brother had to go through. I always felt sad when I would read about Nico and how much he loves his sister. I sucks that he is the son of Hades and he couldn't do anything about her death.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 22 - A scene from the books that made you happy/laugh.

There are a lot of funny moments in the books, but the part at Hoover Dam is one scene that has always made me laugh. Everything is just better with the word "dam" added to it. I'm going to ignore that soon after all of the fun stuff happens, Percy meets Rachel. Because that wasn't so great. I'm going to go and drink out of the dam fountain now.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 21 - If you were stuck in an island forever with the condition that only one god could visit you, which god would it be?

Out of all of the gods in Percy Jackson I would pick Hermes. If it were any other book series about Greek gods I would pick Hades or Ares. But since this is the Percy Jackson series, I would pick Hermes. He seems most likely to keep me entertained.

Day 20 - Your favorite mythological creature?

Pegasus. The Pegasus are totally awesome. Horses with wings! They are the shit, I tell you. How else would Percy have been able to go on the quest in the Titan's Curse? Percy is a horse whisperer and Pegasus are the best thing Poseidon created.

Day 19 - Your favourite hero?

Is it too lame to say Percy? Because he really isn't from past mythology...I think I will go with his namesake, Perseus. He is really one of the few heroes that had a semi-happy ending. Why did Greeks love tragedies so much? Crazy Greeks.

Day 18 - Your favourite Greek myth?

The tale of Persephone is hands down my favorite. I love the original tale as well as several re-tellings. Persephone is an interesting goddess and Hades is an interesting god. The two of them make me curious and I want to know more about them. When I get around to reviewing The Goddess Test, you will know why I love the story so much.

Day 17 - Your favourtie minor god?

Hestia. You only see her in The Last Olympian, but she was pretty awesome. She was helpful in ways that the major gods weren't. She was what Percy needed. She may have always been there, but just because we didn't see her doesn't mean that she isn't as important as the other gods. She is the Last Olympian in a way.

Day 16 - Your favortie Olympian?

That is a tie between Athena and Poseidon. They have always been the two gods that I gravitated towards when I read mythology. And when I started reading the Percy Jackson series, they were instantly my two favorites (it doesn't hurt that their kids are my two favorite characters...).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

For some reason...

...I don't want this as common knowledge...

...scary thought. This is a reblog from Sexstrology. I reccomend checking it out. Some of the stuff is pretty interesting. And besides being a creeper with Roommate (long story or maybe just awkward story), I'm pretty sure I don't like "it kinky."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 15 - Your favourite quote from the series?

This is one of my favorite quotes from the entire book series. I love this kiss between Percy and Annabeth after all of the chaos has calmed down and before the next adventure begins. It is from The Last Olympian (my favorite book in the series) and it was perfect.

Day 14 - Your ideal movie cast?

I'm going to assume this is for The Sea of Monsters. Even though they could have done a better job casting in the first movie (mainly Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Daddario), I feel as if it wouldn't be the same with out the orignal cast. Plus Logan Lerman was perfect for Percy (remember I'm kind of biased on this...). They did a wonderful job casting the gods and goddesses and pretty much everyone else. I don't know who I would replace Brosnan and Daddario for, but I know my Annabeth choice will always be blonde.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 13 - Sea of Monsters movie: Yes or No?

Heck yes!! The chance to see more of Logan Lerman? Hell yes!! *fangirl dancing* I'm not excited for that movie at, not at all. *looks around innocently* My answer is yes, plus I'm pretty sure they have announced that they are making it. *happy dance* I already know that I will still hate movie Annabeth, but I can live with that. I just want more Logan Lerman. *grins*

Day 12 - Your favourite part in The Lightning Thief book that wasn't in the movie?

Where the Fates are sitting and knitting the blue socks of death! I love that part in the book and I really wish they had kept that in the movie. It would have kept up the comedy. I love the Fates in Greek mythology and I wish people would put them into movies more (I loved them in the Disney version of Hercules). The Fates are awesome! And they were knitting the blue socks of death!

Day 11 - Your least favourite scene from The Lightning Thief movie?

The scene where they are in Tennessee. No, just no. The whole bit with the Parthenon was just wrong. I really didn't like it very much. Plus Annabeth wasn't very bright in that scene (and everyone knows she is supposed to be blonde and way smarter than that). I wish that they had done that differently.

Day 10 - Your favourite scene in The Lightning Thief move?

Pretty much any scene with Medusa's head. Mostly when her head is in the sink at the motel. I die laughing every time I watch that part and it was done perfectly. That is exactly what I would have done with a Greek monster's head. I bet you are all surprised that I didn't mention a scene that has more Percy in it, but honestly I can't pick just one. So Medusa and her head for the win!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 09 - Your opinion of Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase?

She wasn't blonde. And she had an attitude...yes Annabeth in the books has an attitude, but not like they gave her in the movie. Did I mention that she wasn't blonde? That is part of why I love Annabeth. Annabeth breaks out of the stereotypical blonde mold. Annabeth in the books is awesome. Annabeth in the movie wasn't. She was I didn't like Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth. She just didn't fit the part.

Day 08 - Logan Lerman or Jake Abel?

Logan Lerman!! How could I ever not choose Logan? Jake plays Luke (and we all know that I don't like Luke) and he really isn't that cute. Logan plays Percy (who I love, love, love) and is gorgeous! Why do you think I read so many Al/OC fanfics? It is because almost everyone uses Logan Lerman for Al in their banners. *drool* I think I am at risk of being a fan girl...hehe. I really don't have a problem with that. I think I will have to have more Logan Lerman posts. Possibly with pictures:)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund

Aerin Renning is running from a past she would rather have stayed there. Dane Madousin is running to be anything other than what his father wants. When the two meet it is unlikely that they would become friends, but that is exactly what they do. It soon becomes clear that in order to solve the mysteries of the present they need to look to the past, something neither of them want to do.

For Aerin the past means reliving her father's death and the slavery that followed. For Dane it means coming to terms with the loss of his mother and why his father hates him. Together they will make discoveries no other student at the prestigious Academy 7 has ever made - discoveries that could get them killed or bring them closer together. They must unite to unravel a mystery as big as the universe itself. If they don't, they may lose each other forever.

Aerin and Dane are both very strong and likable characters. Aerin, a runaway slave, is mysterious and focused on her schooling. Dane on the other hand has known the comfort of the Alliance his whole life. While he has had a hard home life, this opportunity at Academy 7 has opened doors for his future. He is just as focused as Aerin and while they don't start off as friends they soon become close. The mystery of their parent's pasts bring them even closer as they begin to realize that they have more than friendship between them. Readers will enjoy reading about their interactions and will love the suspense as the story unfolds.

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Gwen has grown up thinking that it was her cousin, Charlotte, who had the ability to time-travel. How surprising it was to find out that it was her instead. Gwen is soon introduced to the life that was supposed to be Charlotte's. Here she meets Gideon, a fellow time-traveler, who doesn't seem to be very keen about letting her know about her new life.

Only two trips into the past together has given Gwen the adventure of a lifetime. And it doesn't hurt that her companion is a cute guy who happens to seem interested in her. Still, there is the mystery of her cousin Lucy's betrayal and why the mysterious circle should not be closed. As the mystery thickens, it becomes clear to Gwen that not everyone should be trusted and she should trust her feelings even less.

Gwen is a strong character from the start. It is clear to readers that she has lead a normal life and that her cousin Charlotte has had anything but. When their lives are switched Gwen is confused and while some of the characters mistake her confusion for stupidity, it is clear she is not stupid at all. This book has more than just time-travel. The small bits of romance mixed in with the mystery will appeal to readers. The mystery is deepened just as the book is coming to a close and will leave readers wanting the next book, Sapphire Blue (2012). It is full of excitement and mystery; romance and adventure. A great read for those looking for an adventure.

Day 7 - Who is your least favourite female character?

Rachel Dare. She is kind of important to the story, but I honestly don't like her. She dated Percy before Annabeth and everyone could see that he was supposed to be with Annabeth and not Rachel (even though she was pretty awesome and threw a pink hair brush at the lord of the Titans...). I just didn't see where things could go with her besides her becoming the Oracle...and Percy ending up with Annabeth. That and I just wasn't too impressed with her to start with.

Day 06 - Who is your least favourite male character?

This would have to be Luke. Even though you feel sorry for him by the end of the series, what he did was just wrong. He was all buddy-buddy with Kronos and tried to kill Percy several times. And he hurt Annabeth. Anyone who hurts Annabeth deserves to be on the I don't like you list. Just thinking about him makes me a little on edge.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 05 - Who is your favourite female character?

Annabeth(the book version, because in the movie she sucked). She is totally awesome (did I mention that I would love to be a daughter of Athena myself? This is probably why I love Annabeth so much; or at least part of the reason). Annabeth would do almost anything to help Percy, even though in the beginning she isn't so sure about him. I would really like to be her...she gets Percy in the end and in Heroes of Olympus she is even on a quest to find him (he goes missing and Annabeth gets pretty scary...makes me go: O.o). Anyways, Annabeth rocks!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 04 - Who is your favourite male character?

Percy. How could he not be? He is the main character and without him there would really be no story. I fell in love with Percy the moment he saw the fates knitting blue socks of death. How could I resist his humor? Plus he is played by Logan Lerman in the movie (which is a sad version of the book, but was to be expected because it was made by Fox). Logan is super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot. And the Percy I have pictured in my head is too. If Percy were real, I would want to kick Annabeth's butt and date him for myself. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 03 - If you were a demigod, whose child would you be?

I would have to say being a demigod would be awesome. Out of all of the gods I would probably be Athena's child. I have always like the children of Athena in the Percy Jackson books and how that she actually has kids. In all of the other books about Greek mythology that I have read Athena doesn't have kids because of that whole virgin thing. But in Percy Jackson they are all born from her head, like she was from Zeus' head.

In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce

The adventure continues in the second book of the Song of the Lioness quartet. Alanna is now a squire to Prince Jonathan and is finishing her years at the palace. She must learn to face the three things she most fears - the Ordeal of Knighthood, love, and the Duke of Conté. She knows that it is only a matter of time before she has to face her fears and face what is to come.

Alanna is one of the best fencers at court and has caught the attention of not one but two of the men who know her secret. As her last years as a squire pass, she receives her first kiss and learns to love. She even learns how to be a lady by taking lessons from Mistress Cooper, The Rouge's (George) mother.

This book is filled with as much adventure, excitement, and even more romance than the previous book in the series. The same old characters are just as lovable as before and the new characters readers will love to hate. The book is written in the same style as the last (third person) with a bit more of other characters besides Alanna. Readers will love this book as much as the first and will want to read it over and over again.

My review of Alanna: The First Adventure can be found here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sarcasm is how I deal with stupid

So it is ten o'clock or so at night where I am and my sister just texted me. "You up?" I read. Of course I am up. It isn't after midnight. What person in their early twenties goes to bed before nine (unless they are really lame)?

I responded with, "No I'm sleep texting." Sarcasm is extremely heavy while using any mode of communication with my sister. I waited for her response wondering if she would get the sarcastic point of the text (she isn't the most observant being).

The first part of her replying text said, "Oh ok..." Like she didn't care if I was actually asleep or not she was just going to tell me anyways. Sometime I am going to have to tell more sister stories.

Day 02 - Your least favourite PJO book?

I love all of the Percy Jackson books, but I have to say that The Sea of Monsters isn't my favorite. Mostly because Grover isn't in it as much (him being goatnapped and all). While I may love Percy and Annabeth I was not so thrilled to see that Grover wasn't as much of a part of the adventure. However Clarisse was a great addition to the story. She has that whole "Daughter of Ares" thing going for her.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 01 - Your favourite PJO book?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian is my favorite book from the series. Every thing happens in this book from the bad guy being defeated to Percy and Annabeth finally becoming a thing. It also sets up the next series: Heroes of Olympus. Even though the mythology isn't exact, I love each of these books, but I love this one just a little more.

I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-algebra Teacher

I has found a new challenge!! Can you tell that I am excited? It is because it is Percy Jackson!! Hehe!

Here it is:

30 Day Percy Jackson Challenge

DAY 01 - Your favourite PJO book?
DAY 02 - Your least favourite PJO book?
DAY 03 - If you were a demigod, whose child would you be?
DAY 04 - Who is your favourite male character?
DAY 05 - Who is your favourite female character?
DAY 06 - Who is your least favourite male character?
DAY 07 - Who is your least favourite female character?
DAY 08 - Logan Lerman or Jake Abel?
DAY 09 - Your opinion on Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase?
DAY 10 - Your favourite scene in The Lightning Thief movie?
DAY 11 - Your least favourite scene in The Lightning Thief Movie?
DAY 12 - Your favourite part in The Lightning Thief book that wasn’t included in the movie?
DAY 13 - Sea of Monsters movie: Yes or No?
DAY 14 - Your ideal movie cast?
DAY 15 - Your favourite quote from the series?
DAY 16 - Your favourite Olympian?
DAY 17 - Your favourite minor god?
DAY 18 - Your favourite Greek myth?
DAY 19 - Your favourite hero?
DAY 20 - Your favorite mythological creature
DAY 21 - If you were stuck in an island forever with the condition that only one god could visit you, which god would it be?
DAY 22 - A scene from the books that made you happy/laugh
DAY 23 - A scene from the books that made you sad/cry
DAY 24 - Your favourite mortal
DAY 25 - Your favourite prophecy
DAY 26 - Favourite Ship
DAY 27 - Best kiss
DAY 28 - OMG moment A.K.A Best Plot Twist
DAY 29 - Saddest character death
DAY 30 - Demigods or vampires

Day 14 - Write about anything you want

Darklight by Lesley Livingston

Kelley Winslow has had a tough six months. Her boyfriend, Sonny Flannery, is in the Otherworld hunting the Wild Hunt; she is trying to cope with her Faerie heritage; and she is under a lot of pressure to be the best Juliet ever seen on stage. If she thought all of this was hard it is nothing compared to the trouble that awaits her.

Meeting up with characters old and new, Kelley is learning that it is never wise to trust a Fae. Even though Faeries cannot tell lies, she finds it hard to know when they are being completely straight with her - especially when Kelley's and Sonny's lives are on the line. Dark secrets come to light and when they do will they keep Kelley and Sonny together or tear them apart?

Darklight is an wonderful sequel to Wonderous Strange, the first book in the trilogy. Picking up six months after the first book, it puts readers right into the action and the mystery as the story unfolds. What exactly is going on in the Otherworld? Who exactly is Sonny Flannery? Readers will race through the pages to find out. Filled with mystery, adventure, and romance, this is a perfect read for teens (or adults) looking for a bit of an escape from reality.

Day 13 - Write about something you absolutely love

There are many things that I love with my whole heart and one of those things are books. I love books more than I love chocolate, and that is saying something because chocolate is amazing. You have to keep buying chocolate over and over again, but with books you only need to buy one once and it is yours for forever. It may be read in one sitting, but you always have the option to come back to it and read it again.

Books are my friends when I am sad and alone. They remind me that I could have it much worse and that if I just use my imagination, I can end up in a far away land. The characters are my best friends and I don't know what I would do without some of them. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me angry, they make me happy. Characters are like real people in my imagination and without books I would never have a far off magical kingdom where I could hide and be free.

Without books I wouldn't be me.

Day 12 - Short story

The floor was a mess. It looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned in months. There was a fine layer of dust on the surfaces of the room. Cobwebs hung from the light fixtures and in the corners. The bed was made, but the dust was there too. The room could have been nice if it had been kept clean, but it hadn’t. It had been left undisturbed. Until now, that is.

Aaron walked into the room and tried not to breathe. This had been his sister’s room, his twin’s room. Aaron and Alexia had been inseparable when they were little. Alexia had been his voice for so many years; years he had chosen not to speak. Now, she was married to the man of her dreams and her room was still the same as when she had left it at the age of eighteen. That was their mother's doing of course. She hadn't seemed to want to let go, even when she had grand babies on the way.

If Aaron were being honest with himself, he would know that he was here to remember. His life had never been as easy as Alexia’s. She had been the outgoing one, the popular one. He had been shy; some would go as far as saying anti-social. He didn’t like being the center of attention and Alexia had known that. She had protected him. Now that they were older, Aaron knew how to handle himself, but he still missed the way the two of them had been. The feeling of having someone know him better than he knew himself was a feeling that he missed dearly.

He was jealous of his twin. He had been for a long time, but he was learning to get over that jealousy. He looked around the room again and was sad. He had let his other half go, had destroyed their relationship and now this was all he had left. A single room in his mother's house. A room filled with as much dust as there were memories. With a sad smile Aaron closed the door behind him. He knew that he was going to change things, that the room behind him would once again shine.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen has led a difficult life in the Seam, the poorest section of District 12. She had watched her father die in a coal mining accident and her mother fade away from her and her sister Prim. Now that Prim is twelve, her name has been entered in the yearly Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games is how the Capitol keeps the outlaying twelve districts in line. Each district has to give two tributes, from the between the ages twelve to eighteen (one boy and one girl), to fight in a game were only one can survive. When Prim's name is called during the reaping, Katniss knows her only choice is to volunteer to take her sister's place.

To Katniss, the Games mean almost certain death, but for a girl who has had to struggle to survive she will make sure to go down with a fight. Without really trying, Katniss and her fellow District 12 tribute, Peeta Mellark, become top contenders. In order to win Katniss will have to put everything she believes to the side - humanity and love have no place in the fight for survival and that is exactly what Katniss intends to do.

While the book may start off a bit slow, it quickly picks up the pace. Each chapter leads into the next almost without any break. As readers learn Katniss' story, they will fall in love with her and with Peeta. It is a story of survival and a story of death. This novel will keep readers in suspense, even long after the book has been set down. This is not a happy story and while the ending does give the reader hope, it is not a hope of happily ever after. Even with all of the darkness in the story, readers will fall in love with the dystopian world that Suzanne Collins created in this first book of The Hunger Games trilogy.

Heartless by Gail Carriger

Lady Alexia Maccon is at it again, only this time she is eight months pregnant. She delves deeper into her husband's past when there is a threat to the queen only to discover that she is on the wrong trail. There is much more than werewolves, vampires, and teapots in this book. Will she ever figure out who is behind the plot? Is it the vampires or werewolves? Could it even be a ghost? Will the newest member of her husband's pack ever fit in? Secrets are revealed and what exactly is Alexia going to do when the infant-inconvenience is born?

Filled with the same lovable characters as the previous three books, Heartless is a great continuation of the story started in Soulless (the first book of The Parasol Protectorate series). How Alexia manages to make it though her assorted troubles and solves the mystery behind the death threat is any one's guess.

This book is filled to the brim with great treasures, just like Alexia's parasol. It truly is "a novel of vampires, werewolves, and teapots." Fast paced and fun to read, readers will enjoy this fourth instalment in the cleverly written series. Readers will enjoy the continued story of old characters and the added in newer characters. It is a lovely balance of wit, charm, and action - with a side of romance.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 11 - Write about anything that's currently on your mind

I'm beginning to think that my characters are out to get me. They don't talk for months on end and then suddenly they all make noise at once. I can't even pick out what they are trying to say. When I go back to ask specific characters they act all innocent and wide eyed. They tell me, "Talking? We were talking? Are you sure?" I think they are trying to make me crazy.

Then I write the "love story" for this challenge. It starts out and I think, "Okay, nice third person." Then suddenly out of far left field there comes this voice of a girl. Her story is sad, but I don't know her name nor the extent of her story. She thinks she is damaged goods and she is very sarcastic at times. Sarcasm is her coping mechanism. Tragically heartbroken. Sounds fun...

I also have my old characters. The ones who sit out and taunt me at times. Like Ginny and Draco from my Ginny/Draco fanfic. They keep telling me (yes, I know this makes me sound crazy) that their story is going to be over twenty chapters. I have only written eight plus a future scene. How could they possibly know? And why won't they just let me write chapter nine? *tears of frustration*

When writers tell you that they are crazy or insane, this is the reason why. Their characters drive them to the edge. It almost always comes back to the characters (for me at least).

Day 10 - Write a letter to your future self

Dear me,

Hi. How you doing? Married yet? Well, depends on how far in the future you will see this...hmm, met a guy yet? Are you still winning the pathetic game? Because I can see that happening for a very long time. Just remember that Teresa wins when it comes to her computers. Hehe, so sad and yet I find it funny(two computers dead in six months). I am sure you still will in the future.

Well if you haven't met a guy or gotten married, have you at least watched the new Sherlock series? Or Doctor Who? Were they any good? Is your mind still blown about River Song? Because that was an unexpected twist in the story.

How is writing going? Have you written the next Harry Potter? Or any Harlequin/Silhouette books? I think those would be the most humorous to find out that I have written. Or are you in the science field? Writing about science maybe? Well what ever you are doing, I hope you are happy.

Since I don't really have much to say (as I have no clue what the future may hold) I think I will say goodbye.

Hoping you are well,


P.S. Have you and cousin opened your tea/book store? Because that would be so totally awesome!!

Day 9 - Write a love story

The boy was tall; over six feet in height. His arm was wrapped around the shoulders of a girl. She was maybe as tall as the middle of his chest. Their height difference would have been comical if they hadn't looked so sweet.

Her long brown hair twisted in front of her face in the breeze and he reached over to brush it out of her eyes. I couldn't tell from where I was sitting in the park what color her eyes were, but I imagined them to be green. I imagined that she had freckles splashed across her nose. She turned towards him and I could see that she was smiling at him.

His brown hair was short, but just long enough to be ruffled in the passing breeze. His skin was tanned by the summer sun. Maybe his eyes were brown and maybe he didn't have the freckles I imagined his girlfriend had. He was sharing her smile now. They made a cute pair, even though their heights weren't exactly complimentary.

They hadn't been together for very long. I could tell because they still had a happy glow around them. They hadn't become hardened or chastised. They were truly happy - the honeymoon stage. I was fine watching them, but if I got closer to them or if they got closer to me I would be able to feel the hole in my chest throb. Of course it isn't a literal hole. How could I have a hole in my chest and still be alive? This isn't "Torchwood: Miracle Day".

The girls turned toward the boy and stood on her tip toes. He grinned even more and bent down in order to kiss her. I don't think I had seen a sight so cute in a long time. I suppose that is what happens when one closes themselves off from society. Just because I suffered heartbreak doesn't mean that everyone will suffer the same fate. Easier to say than to believe, but I'm trying. I really hope the pair in this park aren't destined for the heartbreak I have gone through. That would be harsh for such a perfectly cute pairing.

Their kiss ended and they separated. It looked as if they were going their separate ways. Maybe their parents didn't approve or maybe they both didn't drive and had to walk home at opposite sides of the park. I think I'll go with their parents don't approve. Makes things seem more romantic. I might have to come back tomorrow and see if they are here again. I could use a pretend love story in my life.

Tea makes the world go round

I have been missing most recently because I haven't been feeling well. On Wednesday I had a fever and just looking at my computer screen made me feel nauseous. Yesterday I still didn't feel in tip-top shape and I have been plagued by headaches since Tuesday. Now I have a headache (but I am braving through computer usage) and I just hurt my knee somehow. I think life hates me. What did I do in a past life that was so bad?

My theory: I was a Nazi during WWII. That or Voldemort and his death eaters really existed and I was a death eater. This must be the reason that I love writing about death and gore, but hate seeing it first hand or in movies. I am wishing my writing challenge had a horror story day, that way I could share the twisted things my brain comes up with sometimes. Death by pruning shears is not the way to go, let me tell you.

I hope to write some of the challenge entries today as well as a book review (Heartless by Gail Carriger). I have also started reading The Hunger Games (so far I really like it even though it makes me sad). I have also been drinking tea (mint tea) to help my stomach feel better since I was sick. So far it seems to be working a little.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 8 - Write about anything you like

For some reason I love writing fluffy romance stories. I know that stories like this are not exactly what happens in real life, but writing and reading them are a guilty pleasure of mine. Harlequin and Silhouette romance novels have found their way onto my bookshelves. I have been told numerous times by my mother that in order to break out into writing I should write romance novels...all I could think was, "oh good lord, I can hardly finish a fanfic, let alone a novel."

However, I do think that if I want to be an author the best way might be to write for Harlequin/Silhouette. Crazy to think about, but I am sure I could do better than one of the Silhouette novels I read last year. The plot was not the greatest and it wasn't the tip top story that I hoped it would be. Needless to say, I should probably work on my writing a bit more before I send in a manuscript for them to review.

Day 7 - Write a short poem


Polished shine with a black handle,
Rattling excitedly on the hot burner.
Emitting steam and whistling jovially;
Poured into the perfect coffee mug,
Making tea for a relaxing night.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 6 - Write about your feelings for someone

So there is this guy. For the purposes of this I will call him Ryan. I like him, but I think I messed things up...but then again the phone works both ways. He has this great smile and his hair is dark brown and really curly. I'm pretty sure I would die if he found out that I like him. We have know each other since we were kids and I have probably liked him since I was fourteen and he was thirteen, but I covered up my feelings by developing crushes on other guys like Dev (again not his real name) and Nate (not his real name either). I even dated Nate.

Long story short, I still have feelings for this guy, but I haven't talked to him in a year. Sad really. I am such a Slytherin and I don't have the courage to try and talk with him.

Day 5 - Write a letter to anybody

Dear Mr. Abbott,

I apologize for the lateness of this letter. You see, since your last Secrets of Droon book came out last year, I have not had time to write a letter. However I read the book and I quite enjoyed it. Jarvis has been quite preoccupied with her schooling and work as much as I have. I would like to say well done of the mystery of Reki-ur-set. I knew that it spelled Urik, but I never would have gotten Urik's Tree. The apostrophe caught me off guard.

I felt The Final Quest was a brilliant way to end the series. However almost a year after reading the book I realize that I miss the characters. I know I will always have the books to re-read, but new adventures will not be coming to a bookstore not near me. Buying your books has been a highlight for me since I was in elementary school. I also miss your humor filled e-mail responses. I will have to convince Jarvis to write another letter for one last hurrah.

I am looking forward to many more books from your desk soon.

Your college aged fan,

Day 4 - Rant about anything

Um...I could rant about my family, but I don't think I want to do that because it will really piss me off and I'm in an okay mood...So I'm going to rant about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two (which I have seen twice now).



  1. It was very well made.

  2. It was great if you haven't read the book.

  3. Voldemort hug...just, yeah. Giggle fest right there.

  4. My favorite line was in the movie: "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!" It was awesome.

  1. It didn't follow the, at all.

  2. Olivander didn't know about the Deathly Hallows. He knew about the elder wand because he studied wand lore and knew about the wand that was surrounded by death; the death stick.

  3. Neville/Luna never happened! NEVER! Luna marries Rolf and Neville marries Hannah, end of story. I can't even believe that they made that cannon. I just, grrr!

  4. Voldemort hugging Draco. Didn't happen in the book, why did they think they could put that in the movie?

  5. Harry wasn't naked in the King's Cross sequence with Dumbledore.

  6. Voldemort couldn't feel his bits of soul dying. He didn't know that Harry and his gang were going after them until they broke into the Lestrange's vault. And there was no skin chaffing. Which was gross. So gross and wrong.

  7. There was no big show down in the great hall between Harry and Voldemort; instead they went base jumping! (You jump, I jump Jack!)

  8. Harry didn't have the big speech he was supposed to have before Voldemort died.

  9. Voldemort didn't burst into bits of ash...or whatever that was. He died and it wasn't supposed to be a spectacular death besides that he was finally dead (the whole thing reminded me of Quirrel's death in the first movie which was also done incorrectly, but that is for another post).

  10. You didn't know that Lupin and Tonks had a baby. When Harry mentions Lupin's son in the forest before he goes to "die", I was like "You never even mentioned that Tonks was preggers, how are we supposed to know that he has a kid and that his name is Teddy? They didn't even say his name!!"

  11. While The Prince's Tale was filmed wonderfully, it didn't fully explain the whole Snape/Lily/James story. Plus Snape didn't show up to Godric's Hollow the night they died. *eye twitch*

  12. HARRY BROKE THE FREAKING ELDER WAND!! WTF?!? He didn't even fix his old wand. Guess he's stuck with Draco's old wand. *massive eye twitch*

  13. There was no expanding on Dumbledore's past. No explanation of his brother or sister. No explanation at all.

  14. The mirror that saved Harry's life by looking in the broken piece and asking for help was Harry's mirror and the mirror Mr. Dumbledore had belonged to Sirius. Book five info people.

  15. How did Luna and Dean get to Hogwarts before Harry, Ron, and Hermione? They were supposed to show up after.

  16. What was that whole scene with Snape and the students in the Great Hall? That didn't happen in the book. There was supposed to be this totally awesome scene between Snape and the teachers and the Order wasn't supposed to show up until later, not much later, but they weren't there during the defence stages.

  17. Why didn't Harry have the invisabilty cloak when he went into the forest? Because without it the scene where he is "dead" is all wrong. He didn't jump out of Hagrid's arms. He was placed on the ground (however this made me giggle because right before it was the hug scene and that was so very awkward...).

  18. Harry didn't tell his son, Albus, that he was almost put into Slytherin.

  19. Why didn't we get to see Scorpius Malfoy's face? Why did we only see the back of his head?

  20. Why was there no mention of Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley? That would have been great.

  21. Ron didn't warn Rose away from Scorpius (which is the whole reason that Rose/Scorpius fanfiction is just as popular as Dramione fanfiction).

  22. Ron and Hermione didn't try to kill the snake, only Neville had the chance to. At least he actually killed the snake. For a moment I didn't think that he was going to.

  23. The Ron/Hermione kiss took place in the wrong area. And wasn't witnessed by anyone.

  24. You don't get to see Fred's death (which would have been more depressing, but it was important).

  25. You don't get to see Percy reconcile with his family.

I think those are all of the parts that really bugged me...I didn't think there were twenty-five to be honest. I knew there were a lot, but wow. Anyway, I didn't like the movie very much. Especially after the last one which was so good and followed the book quite well. This movie was a big disappointment.

Day 3 - Review a movie/book/anything

Sadie and Carter Kane are back in this exciting sequel to The Red Pyramid. The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan is fast paced and action packed as Sadie's and Carter's narrative alternates with each other's point-of-view every two chapters. The book begins three months after the first adventure of the series and begins with a heist gone wrong. The brother and sister realize once again that they aren't the luckiest magicians in the world and that the rest of the House of Life is still set out against them. They need to continue with the Path of the Gods or the world will be plunged into darkness. If they continue their quest to wake the sun god Ra, will the world be saved or will they have made a grievous mistake?

With twists and turns The Throne of Fire is a great read for readers wanting to entertain themselves. Filled with new characters (including one with the name Alyssa; go me!!) and old, there is more at stake than the impending doom of the Earth as everyone knows it.

This book leads us on another dangerous Kane adventure. Filled with discord between siblings and with new dangers, Sadie and Carter still have time to be sidetracked by romance. While the romance isn't the main part of the plot, it still makes for a great sub-plot and doesn't take away from the book. Readers might not enjoy the alternating points-of-view system that was established in The Red Pyramid, but it gives the readers two sides of the same view of the overall picture. This is a great story for readers of all ages and readers will leave wanting to know what the next adventure will be.


...I can't believe this is my one-hundredth post. I know I said I would be posting everyday after my absence, but I was house-sitting from Thursday to Saturday and their internet sucked. I would try to go online and it would loose the connection. Why didn't I use my laptop and wireless, you ask. They didn't have wireless. I was so very not amused.

To top things off my mom decided that we were going to walk two times a day. An hour in the morning and forty minutes at the least in the evening. Now here is the thing about the Wenatchee Valley in the summer. It sucks. The temperature reaches ninety degrees by nine in the morning and doesn't cool off until about eight in the evening and then you don't want to go out because it is still warm. So in other words, my mom is trying to kill me with heat (and to a lesser extent exercise by walking me to death).

And today my mom and I went on a really long walk before we had to come home and make things for dinner tonight. Dinner will be taking place at my grandparent's house (the good ones) and my aunt and uncle (again, the good ones) will be there. My mom and I made pasta salad, chocolate zucchini cake (with chocolate frosting, yum!), and zucchini bread. It looks like this is going to be a long day. At least I'm catching up on my blog and reading. That is happy making.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 2 - Write a fanfiction

You can find some of my other stuff here. Here is an excerpt from a fanfic I am working on at the moment...

Luke looked at Fred from across the pathway. It was moments before they were supposed to put their plan into action. Fred was confused. What on Earth did Luke want to talk about at such a critical moment?

"Have you ever wondered why I only dated one girl during all of our years at Hogwarts?" Luke asked.

Fred shrugged, "Not really. I didn't keep tabs on your dating habits." So that was a little lie. He kept tabs, he just wasn't curious as to why Luke only dated Olivia.

"I realized something while dating Olivia," Luke continued, like he hadn't even heard Fred's response, "while I thought she was pretty and I liked her, I knew that I could only like her as a friend. I wasn't attracted to her. Or any girl for that matter." That got Fred's attention.

"I only could think of one person. The one person I was attracted to and knew I shouldn't be. That person is you, Fred."

Fred's mouth went dry. He had hoped that this was the case. He had dreamed, but never in a million years had he actually thought that Luke Thomas was gay. Fred looked across the path to where Luke was. Luke was looking at the ground, suddenly very interested in the dust on his shoes.

"Is-" Fred cleared his throat, "is that why Olivia is so pissed at you?"

Luke lifted his face, disbelief written all over it like he couldn't believe how calmly Fred was taking the news. "Partly. The other reason she is so mad was because I told her James liked her. She didn't believe me - or she didn't want to."

"Yeah, that would have made her angry." Fred said thoughtfully. He knew it was his turn to layout his cards, but he wanted to word things properly. Silence settled between the two young men and they could hear the music and cheering coming from the wedding party in the field behind the Burrow. Luke shuffled his feet when the quiet became too much and Fred knew that he had to speak now of forever hold his peace (pardon the pun).

"Luke, I have something to say as well." Fred took a deep breath, "I'm sure you noticed that I never dated anyone at school. I can also tell you that I never kissed anyone. I have known for a long time that there was only one type of person that I liked. My family and not even all of them, are the only ones that know. I'm gay and for quite sometime I have only been interested in you."

They looked at each other for a moment before Luke crossed the path and entered the space Fred was standing in. Fred fidgeted a little at their closeness, but there wasn't anywhere he could go. He had been leaning against the shed after all. Fred looked directly into Luke's dark eyes and he could see the desire there, the same desire he himself felt every time he was with Luke.

"Do you really mean it?" Luke asked softly.

"Of course," was Fred's reply.

There wasn't much warning before Luke's lips came crashing down on Fred's. Luke's lips were chapped, but Fred didn't mind as Luke's lips explored his. Fred raised his hands to Luke's neck and head to pull Luke even more firmly to his mouth. Fred soon felt Luke's hands on his hips, pulling him even closer.

Soon, Fred relaxed his grip on Luke and pulled back, gasping for air. Fred rested his forehead against Luke's as he smiled. A loud bang startled both boys into realizing where they were and what they were supposed to be doing.

"Crap!" Fred cursed, "if we are still here when Aunt Fleur comes, we are dead." Luke and Fred turned and ran down the path, hopefully avoiding detection...

Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

The first book in the Song of the Lioness quartet introduces readers to a land filled with fantasy, adventure, and a girl masquerading as a boy. Alanna of Trebond wants to become a knight while her twin brother, Thom, wants to become a sorcerer. While they want to follow a path chosen by themselves, their father has other plans. Alanna is to become a lady and take her place at court and Thom is to become a knight. The day before they are set to leave, Alanna and Thom make the decision to switch places. They are to pretend that they are twin brothers. With the help of the village healer the twins make the switch and Alanna is off to the palace under the name Alan.

The book follows Alanna's first four years at the palace as a page. She faces becoming a woman, saving the prince, becoming friends with the king of thieves, and fighting an evil older than the land she calls home.

This book has it all, adventure, excitement, and just a little bit of fleeting romance. It is a fast and easy read and leaves the reader wanting more (good thing there are three other books). Alanna is a lovable character. She is strong and even when she is uncertain about her path, she makes the tough choice to do the right thing. The book is in third person and mostly follows Alanna as Alan, but there are times when you see things from another character's point of view (just small snippets, but enough to know how other characters view Alan/Alanna). This is a great book for teens and adults and a story that readers will want to read over and over again.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 1 - Write a short autobiography

I was born on December 25, 1989 in Spokane, WA. Shortly after my sister was born in April of 1991, my family moved to East Wenatchee, WA. If you don't know where that is, that's okay. Not many people do, not even in Washington State (and the capital is Olympia, not Seattle). I have lived in East Wenatchee from 1991 to present day.

Not much happened from then to now. Unless you count finding out I was dyslexic at the age of nine and shortly after I discovered Harry Potter. I went from grade school to middle school to junior high to high school. I graduated and went to Wenatchee Valley College. I graduated from WVC and now I go to WSU in Pullman, WA.

My goal is to earn a degree in creative writing and possibly in sociology or some sort of science. I haven't had a date in almost five years and I have some of the best friends in the world. If you want to know more about me check out my very first 30 day challenge entry here. That paragraph about myself will fill in any blanks (at least I hope it will).

"Life, life is messy."

So it seems that I have fallen behind on my blog. I blame stress. Usually this is a place where I come to vent about my problems and lately my problems have been so effed up that I don't really want to talk about them. Long story short my family sucks and I might have a post to explain their continued fuckery. So instead of coming on my blog and writing, I have been hiding away reading books (which I will review, I promise) and catching up on fanfiction (both reading stories and writing them). I also watched the first two seasons of Eureka (so many, love, love) and I have continued conversing with Cousin. Overall, I suppose you could say I have been lazy (and you would be mostly right). So good news, I'm back and hopefully not going anywhere.

Friday, July 15, 2011

New challenge

I have decided to start a new challenge. A writing challenge. Hopefully it won't suck.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 30 - A character you will love and remember for the rest of your life

Percy Jackson (I would choose Harry Potter, but that is just so obvious; I would rather mention an other character that I will love the rest of my life). Son of Poseidon God (or Gosh, hehe) of the sea, Percy is lovable right at the start. A kid with ADD and dyslexia (which I was diagnosed with at the age of eight), Percy seems to have a lot of trouble in school. Not that he isn't learning; he just doesn't get along with other students very well and strange things happen around him. He saves the world and has a Greek god for a parent. Percy is awesome and he is one of the many characters I wish could be real.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The one where Torchwood is a must

Cousin and I continued to have a lovely day yesterday. We ended the day by watching the first three episodes of Torchwood: Children of Earth. Now we only have two episodes left and our aunt is chomping a the bit to have us finish watching so we can watch the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day (which is online so we would have to use one of the laptops).

Anyway, we stayed up until well after three in the morning talking after we finished watching our show and were quite tired at 7:30 when Cousin's brother-in-law opened our door with his oldest child. Believe me when I say I could have committed murder. Then just as I was drifting off to sleep again, our aunt walks in and starts rummaging in the dresser by the door. It felt as if the world was out to get us. Cousin and I both want to know what we could have possibly done in our past lives. We have narrowed it down to Nazis and my theory is we worked at a concentration camp (at some hour after being woken up after not much sleep, I was able to say Auschwitz, which amazes me).

So today both Cousin and I are running on very little sleep and we have been forced to socialize. Our mothers, aunt and grandmother are all in the kitchen making raspberry jam while Cousin and I hide in our room. Maybe we will get lucky and we won't have to socialize much more today and by lucky I mean we will just have to help with/do the dishes tonight after dinner...We were also made to swiffer the floor to pick up crumbs ("I'd like it if you were to swiffer up the crumbs from around the table so that they won't get on the carpet," Cousin's mom said an her annoyingly patronizing voice that is too quiet for average human hearing).

It looks like Cousin and I might get to go to Powell's this evening as well. Which is really exciting because that is the best bookstore ever. I'm hoping to find Heartless by Gail Carriger or Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund. Both would be good finds.

Day 29 - A character that makes you flashback to your childhood

Pretty much any Disney princess, but mostly Ariel, Belle and Jasmine. They have to be two of my favorites. Every time I watch The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, or Aladdin I am instantly reminded of the hours spent watching both movies at my grandparents' house and learning all of the words to the songs. They are my all time favorite Disney movies that I can remember having them on VHS and now I have them on DVD. Plus, The Little Mermaid was the first ever movie I went to in a theater. I was just a baby, but it was my first movie.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

To make a long story short...


That was my reaction to the church sermon today. The usual pastor wasn't there (I was really looking forward to seeing him, he is awesome and I always get something out of his sermons) and the person in his place was not the best. His sermon was full of stories that didn't seem to go with the Bible passage at all. So when he said, "To make a long story short," all I could think was, "Too late." It was a total Clue: The Movie moment.

After church Cousin, my mom, and Auntie (plus Cousin's younger brother) all headed back to Grandma's and Grandpa's. From there Cousin, Younger Cousin, and I all went up to the room Cousin and I are sharing and watched the second episode of Sherlock. I am so glad that Younger Cousin loves the show as much as Cousin and I do.

Now Cousin and I are listening to Glee songs and haunting the internet (well, she is actually making gifs). Her nephews continue to be adorable even though all three of them are a tad cranky at the moment. Hopefully they will become adjusted to the time zone soon.

Day 28 - A character you absolutely hate

Bellatrix Lestrange...she is just a character I love to hate (plus I love what Molly Weasley says right before she kills her). I hated that she killed Sirius, what she did to Hermione, and that she killed Tonks. I hate how horrible she could be. I guess that was what you should expect when reading about one of the Dark Lord's closest Death Eaters.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cousin!! (and others...)

Cousin (and everyone else) arrived at my grandparents' house today. Luckily I didn't have to endure too much of family time. Cousin and I escaped by going for an hour long walk and then watched Sherlock (love, love, love) with her younger brother. Her nephews are adorable and I hadn't seen her older brother (one of them) and sister in quite awhile.

It was a fairly relaxing day watching kiddies run around and ignoring anyone who might annoy me (ie: grandparents, aunts, etc.). Also, Cousin brought me tea and I was very happy. We are going to try it in the morning. So excited!

Invincible by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Nick Gautier is no ordinary teen, as readers find out in both the first book (Infinity) of the Chronicles of Nick and the second (Invincible). Still unable to raise the dead, Nick has to divide his attention between school, divination lessons, and survival. His new principle wants him out of the school and is looking for any means to do so. His new coach has him doing things that are under no circumstances legal and are bound to lead to more trouble for Nick. As the plot thickens Nick has to choose who to trust and how to raise the dead, because without either Nick won't live to see another day.

This second book in the Chronicles of Nick is a wonderful continuation of of the first book Infinity. Picking up where the first book left off, readers will learn more about Nick and his life in New Orleans. As Nick continues to learn his powers and discovering the completely new world around him, he also learns that things aren't always what they seem and that he shouldn't put his trust in anyone whole heartedly.

Invincible is just as quick paced as other Sherrilyn Kenyon books and is just as enjoyable. Nick is a relateable character with his teenage angst and sarcasm. You can see his love for his mom and his pain and suffering from a life below the poverty line. Even with his past, Nick is willing to do what it takes to take care of his mom and those he loves. If that means facing some of the darkest evil to exist in the world, then he will; even if it means dying.

Day 27 - An overrated character

Edward Cullen is one of the most overrated characters ever written. Which I don't really understand. Who, besides Bella, would want a guy who is that creepy? That manipulative (oh wait, my sister fits into this as well-.-)? And/or that stalkerish? It just didn't seem right to me that a book for teenagers was telling impressionable girls that in order to be happy they had to have a guy like Edward...I would much rather have a guy like Draco Malfoy (and he really isn't very nice to muggles like me). Draco at least had a depth that Edward never had. Like I said, I still don't know how Edward Cullen ended up being as overrated as he is. It is just terrible.

Day 26 - An underrated character

Ron Weasley. He has to be on of the most underrated characters ever. All everyone ever thinks about is Harry and Hermione (no wonder there is a HP/HG ship...). It makes me so sad that this wonderful character is left in the shadows of his two best friends. No one ever really seems to notice Ron and what role he played in the books. No wonder he was so pissy in Goblet of Fire; he knew Harry was all anyone ever cared about and he wanted some of the fame his best friend had. Let's just say that fame and Ron Weasley wouldn't make great friends. I imagine as a war hero he got sick of the fame.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Guess What!!

I just got my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 tickets for midnight!! Who rocks? I do!

Actually not really...I'm just a very nerdy person and I think I would have cried if I hadn't been able to go see the midnight showing (I have never been able to go to a midnight showing before because my stupid town didn't offer one). So this was my last chance. I just have to remember to bring a box of tissues (that I forgot to bring to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1).

In other news I have been in Oregon for the last two days and today I'm headed to Vancouver, Washington. I get to see Cousin again tomorrow evening!! Plus the rest of the family...not as excited about that, but I get to see little kiddies and that is kind of exciting.

I should have another post later about what I have been up to. Right now I'm using my mom's laptop because my has decided to hate me and not connect to the internet. Alyssa is not amused.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 25 - A character who makes you cry when they cry

Rose in Titanic. I can't ever help but cry when she cries; mostly at the end of the movie when she says goodbye to Jack. I always cry then. Actually there is also a character from a book about the RMS Titanic that makes me cry when she cries as well. I suppose that happens because so many people died and you just read about/watched people that you liked die. I usually don't cry when I read or watch things, but anything to do with the Titanic makes me cry at some point. It also makes me rant about the stupidity of human beings.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 24 - The character with the best laugh

Erik from X-Men: First Class...he also has a lot of teeth and when he laughs you can see all of them...which is sort of funny and odd at the same time. Erik has a sort of big laugh (which might explain the teeth?) and it kind of make me want to laugh with him, even with all of the pain and suffering he went through. It seems odd that I picked a character with a dark past, but when I thought of lauging all I could see was his face (and all of his teeth) in my mind's eye.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Syfy's Alice: The Drinking Game

As I watched Alice for the hundredth time after making my Hatter post, I realized that this movie had the makings of a great drinking game. So here goes (subject to changes later), take a shot as directed:

1. Anytime Alice yells for someone. Ex: "Jack!" "Charlie" "Hatter!"

2. Every time Charlie sings "Hey nonny nonny..."

3. Every time Hatter suggests something to Alice and she tells him "No" and Hatter's response is then "No?" (basically every time Alice and Hatter have a disagreement).

4. Anytime Alice is running and it just looks like flailing (seriously, she flails a lot).

5. When ever there is a reference to a deck of cards.

6. When Hatter says "Tea sho-p" and makes that big popping noise at the "p" (lord am I envious of that).

7. Anytime Charlie mentions the black arts.

8. Every time Hatter preforms a hat trick (not that kind!!).

So these are all of them for the moment. I am going to confer with Cousin and see if anything needs added. Enjoy and remember this is a three hour movie and drinks will help pass the time.

Exile by Anne Osterlund

Crown Princess Aurelia and Robert Vantauge are back in this exciting sequel to Aurelia. Aurelia has chosen exile in the form of a kingdom wide expedition. Knowing that her father has abandoned her for her half sister Melony, Aurelia travels to see the places she has only heard about and has always wanted to see. The assassination attempts on her life however, have not ceased. With Robert as her guide, will Aurelia find the support she needs from the people of her kingdom or will she fall in love with the one man she knows she shouldn't? From the freedom of the frontier to the blistering desert sands, Aurelia must discover who she is and what she is made of before she can return; all the while giving her people the hope they will need to survive.

Exile kept the same quick pace of its predecessor. Danger continues to lurk behind every page and even though Aurelia is away from court, politics play a huge role in the story. The fact that assassins are still after Aurelia even though she has basically given up her hold on the throne, is a major part in the plot. Who could possibly want Aurelia dead now and for whom do the assassins ultimately answer to? As the story progresses the reader, and the characters, are lulled into a false sense of security. Aurelia and Robert are seen struggling against their feelings for each other as they travel as commoners to avoid notice.

This book is very much the sequel of Aurelia. The combination of mystery, fantasy, and romance keep the story fresh and will hook the reader as easily as the first book. Readers will not want to put the book down as curiosity captures the imagination.

Day 23 - The best dancer

Mike Chang from Glee! He has some sweet moves. Pluse he is a tall asian...and very cute...why is he dating Tina? Why?!? Oh yeah, they are the only two asians on the show and they couldn't possibly date someone who wasn't asian. Anywho, Mike is awesome and has groovy dance moves.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 22 - The best singer

A tie between Blaine and Kurt. Both of them have amazing voices and they are the two characters I really watch Glee for (well, actually I also watch for Santana and Brittney). Anyway, "Baby it's Cold Outside" was an amazing duet with Blaine and Kurt. It gave me chills. I love, love, love the pair of them.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Syfy's Alice: Hatter

If you couldn't already tell by the title or the gif image above, this is a post about Hatter. From his hair to his jackets, to his hat, to his Kevlar vest, Hatter is a bad ass. He also has quiet the right fist.

I would trust Hatter with my life. I am quiet envious of Alice (her hair, her dress, her boots, her jacket that Hatter gave her) and the relationship she has with Hatter. I want a love like theirs (even though I am sure that they will have their fair share of spats).

Seriously, those two are going to have gorgeous children (who have a sensible dress style). Have I mentioned how much I love his hair? Even though it is usually covered by a groovy hat? I love, love, love his hair.

And his chocolate brown eyes. Soulful, loving, eyes that make me want to cry when they are filled pain. That is one handsome man right there.

The gif above is one of my favorite scenes with Hatter. The way he pops his "p" in tea shop has me fascinated. I wish I could pop my "p's" like he does. I would never stop saying "tea shop".

I never like seeing Hatter in is too painful to watch. When I first watched Alice, I was extremely upset that he was shot and for a moment I actually though he was dead, just like Alice had thought. I liked Hatter from the moment I met him and I was extremely happy that he didn't die just after meeting him.

I think that Hatter isn't just called "Hatter" because he wears a hat; I think it is also because of the hat tricks (not those kind, get your mind out of the gutter, jeez) he preforms with his hat. I mean, look at Charlie's face, he was amazed (and so was I).

And again, envious of Alice. I want to be kissed like that...*sigh* (Plus his name is David?!? I didn't see that one coming...but it is better than Eugene.)

Day 21 - A paranormal character you like (vampire, werewolf, etc.)

Alexia Tarabotti from The Parasol Protectorate series. She isn't what would normally come up when someone says paranormal. She is soulless and can turn those who are paranormal (aka: vampires and werewolves) back in to humans while she is in skin contact with them. She can also destroy ghosts with a touch of her finger. Her soullessness isn't as common as werewolves and vampires, but it makes for a great story. Alexia is a handful; she is feisty, headstrong, and loves to make Lord Maccon squirm.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

Beatrice "Bertie" Shakespeare Smith's only home has ever been the Théâtre Illuminata. A theater where the characters come to life and are bound by The Book - a complete collection of every written script - and magic fills the stage. Bertie was raised by the players of The Book and the various managers of the theater. However, when her blatant disregard for the rules drives the Theater and Stage Managers to the end of their ropes, she is told to either leave the Théâtre Illuminata forever or find an indispensable job at the theater. As the story progresses, Bertie realizes that there is much more at stake than losing the only place she calls home.

For a debut novel, Lisa Mantchev's story is positively groovy. While containing elements of theater, the story also contains humor, romance, and mystery that will hook the reader. Bertie is a lovable heroine with four spunky fairy friends, a handsome pirate to look out for her, and an air spirit that isn't always on the right side of things. The novel moves at a quick pace, which doesn't leave much time to figure out what is going on. Some readers may be confused, but things fall into place as the story progresses. As each chapter and page go by, more layers are added to the mystery and for every mystery solved, two more crop up. This book is an exciting, fast paced read that will leave the reader begging for the sequel.

Day 20 - A fantasy character you like (elves, dwarves, etc.)

Nate from Eyes Like Stars. He is a pirate from the production The Little Mermaid. To find out more about the book's plot, read my review of Eyes Like Stars. Nate is the perfect pirate; he is superstitious and can swear like a sailor (because he is one!!). He is totally into Bertie and I really want the two of them to be together, but Ariel is in the way (Ariel is an air spirit from the production of The Tempest)... He is the grooviest sailor ever!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 19 - A sci-fi character you like (alien, robot, etc.)

Um...I think I have to go with Bug from Starship. Not only is he played by Joey Richter, but he is a Starship Ranger!! Which is totally awesome!! He is an alien bug from a planet of bugs and his name is Bug (original right). But this bug has a big dream; he wants to be a Starship Ranger. When his chance comes along, he takes it with stride and saves the day (awesomely groovy music included).

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aurelia by Anne Osterlund

Princess Aurelia of Tyralt has been kept in the dark for the last two months as three attempts have been made on her life. Robert Vantauge left court four years ago with his parents. The son of the former royal spymaster; Robert returns to court to get close to Aurelia (a former classmate of his) and to uncover the plot to end her life. The plot thickens as another attempt is made on Aurelia's life. Can Robert and Aurelia uncover the truth before it is too late?

Osterlund creates a world with mystery and intrigue. The danger is lurking behind every page as the characters struggle to understand what exactly is going on. Aurelia is a strong and independent character. She is witty, sarcastic, and headstrong. It is hard for her to stay out of the middle of things and at first she is not even aware that her life is in danger. She makes for an interesting character as she grows in the story. Robert is her equal when it comes to being headstrong. Both characters are in for an adventure of a lifetime. However Aurelia isn't an ordinary princess who just wants to become queen; there is much more to her than that.

One part mystery, one part fantasy, and one part romance, this book will hook the reader from the very first page. As the mystery deepens readers will be tempted to skip ahead, but I strongly recommend staying the course. This book is perfect for those looking for those looking for a different kind of fairy tale.

Day 18 - An animal character you like

That would have to be the cat Oliver from A Well-Timed Enchantment by Vivian Vande Velde. When things start to happen in the book, Oliver is turned from a cat to a human (the most cat-like human ever). After the climax of the story occurs and things are set back to normal, Oliver is turned back into a cat, but the main character wants him to be human again. So she makes a wish. Needless to say, best cat ever!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 17 - The most awful, mean, evil character you know

Moriarty. "I left you my number. Why didn't you call?" So creepy and evil. I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode. I really hope we get to see what happened at the end of "The Great Game". I know that Sherlock and Watson make it out and I'm assuming Moriarty does as well (to be more evil and to kill again).

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 16 - The dumbest character

Eragon. I honestly don't know why he makes some of the decisions that he makes. He has done more stupid things than Lavender Brown (and that is saying something because this post was almost about her). Seriously, who goes after things that he isn't even sure he can kill, but can sure as hell kill him? Wanted by the Empire? Sure, I'll run through the middle of said Empire and send my dragon on ahead of me so that I won't even have her protection. What an idiot.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 15 - The smartest chracter

Sherlock. No doubt about it. Out of all of my favorite fandoms, Sherlock is the smartest (he would probably hate this blog too).

He is married to his work (work that is full of groovy and awesome).

He is very good looking.

And when something happens (usually bad for the people involved) or he figures something out, he acts like a child going to the movies.

He has the streets of London all memorized and doesn't keep basic knowledge in his head ("The Earth goes around the Sun, Sherlock.").

Plus his face is adorable when the light bulb clicks on.

Overall, this was pretty much a Sherlock appreciation post. I might have another one again soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hell to the no

This is how I feel about my family after today's "lunch." Apparently lunch turned into lunch and dinner and spending six hours with family that I don't exactly like. Oh joy. After spending all day with the crazy people I feel like I was in an alternate universe where the Doctor should have come to save Cousin and me. I think it was a little like the episode "Midnight" only no one died and we all just were wearing pained expressions by the end.

I felt trapped by my family. It wasn't as if I really wanted to talk about the things my aunts, grandparents, uncles and parents were talking about. I also really didn't want to talk to my younger cousin about the Mariners game that he went to (angry face), but he felt the need to gloat and look smug. It was mostly Cousin and I sitting and quoting Moriarty from Sherlock. I really had to resist the urge to cry or burst out in anger. Crying would have been worse, but as my anger tends to look like Umbridge kicking Hermione in the face in AVPS, it isn't very good either.

Instead of acting on any impulse I may have had, there was a lot of staring... Pointed staring; you are going to hell starting; I'm bored out of my ever loving mind staring; I'm not getting in that picture staring...I could go on, but hopefully you get the idea. Gatherings with my family aren't exactly sunshine and daisies. Plus all of my aunts don't exactly get along (and they are blood related sisters) and my part of the family is generally left out of things. Enter Ned staring.

Auntie is a bitch as well as Aunt G and Aunt K. Aunt G is Cousin's mom and she plus all of my aunts and my grandmother all pointed that Cousin and I have spent enough time together. We haven't seen each other for a whole week. Auntie also made it quite clear that under no circumstances am I to come on the trip to Ashland, OR. It has never even crossed her mind that I might enjoy that as an English Major; and not any English Major. I'm a creative writing English major. Keeping us apart is just going to annoy them because apparently they want us texting each other at all hours like we have been since Cousin came back from the UAE. They apparently don't understand that most of our lives have been spent in different states and then in different countries. It is quite a recent development that we have even been able to talk to each other as much as we have been. My mother's side of the family drives me insane.

Day 14 - A character you wish was never introduced

Jesse St. James...yeah, Glee (don't judge). He and his cat face really don't add anything to the plot...Okay, he is from another high school glee club that they competed against, but really we didn't need to know him. He was such a creeper and he was really mean to Rachel (not that I cared because I really don't like her either). I just feel like the story line didn't need him and I as a viewer didn't care for him.

Sherlock and AVPS

So, I have been having a great time with my cousin. I have been watching the BBC's tv series Sherlock with her. It has been loads of fun. We have been creating a drinking game for both the series and the movie Sherlock Holmes. We have also had a lot of fun comparing Jim Moriarty to Umbridge from A Very Potter Sequel (just look at the tags for this post...). I am all for a Sherlock/John relationship. They would be perfect together and they already kind of act that way.

On Thursday we went and saw X-Men: First Class. Needless to say I loved it (and now I want to own it and play the drinking game). I love, love, love Charles...did I mention how much I love him? Well I do (it really didn't hurt that he was played by James McAvoy. Love, love, love). However, Kevin Bacon's nose is huge and I couldn't take him seriously as the bad guy...

Thursday after the movie (that I loved, if you couldn't tell that already) cousin and I went to a birthday party for one of my friends. We tried some interesting drink and had an all over good time.

On Friday we sang "Friday" (don't judge), went to Lake Chelan to have yummy lunch (cousin's mom, my mom and their younger sister came with us; it wasn't as much fun as it could have been; Chelan lost its appeal when we found out they were coming and that the guys were going to a Mariners game...-.-), and in the evening we went for a walk followed by watching Eclipse (again don't judge; I also got another blister...).

Saturday we went to Old Navy and Maurices to look at clothes with my sister, mom and one of my mom's friend Amy (who went with to Wicked). Old Navy was having a fun sale and I got a bunch of shirts. Cousin and I then watched Princess and the Frog. Unfortunately we had to go to Aunt K and Uncle D's house for dinner...insert awkward dinner with food that wasn't the best (that always seems to happen there).

Since it is early Sunday now, not much has happened (besides blogging), but later at a decent hour we are taking a secret trip to Leavenworth and then going to lunch at Uncle K and Aunt M's house in Leavenworth (seriously, like all of my mom's siblings and spouses are here along with her parents -.-). It should be just as much fun as last night's dinner. Oh joy.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 13 - A boring character

That would have to be Egwene from the Wheel of Time series. I seriously don't understand why she is there (besides to becoming the leader of the Aes Sedai in the later book...and not even the real leader...just the underground leader because of the Black Ajah...yeah). She really just whines a lot and it really bugs me. I really wish that she wasn't a big part of the book. I'd rather read about Perrin...or Mat. I'd rather read about Mat; he is my favorite after all.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 12 - A character with the best quotes

The Doctor. End of story, the end. It doesn't matter which actor is playing the Doctor, he has the best lines (it doesn't hurt that he is good looking either). From "Are you my mummy?" to "I'm your new undercover agent on loan from Scotland Yard. Codename: The Doctor. These are my top operatives, The Legs, The Nose, and Mrs. Robinson." So funny and so brilliant!

Day 11 - A character who taught you something about love

Dumbledore!! Or Snape...I can't choose. So I'm going to say both. Dumbledore was always saying that love is stronger than any spell - that it could be a spell in and of itself. Snape loved Lily so much that he protected Harry, even though he looked exactly like James. They both taught me how to love and the power of love.

Day 10 - A character who taught you something about real life

Gahh!! Too many fandoms to choose from... Um, Mama Odie from Princess and the Frog (the Disney movie). You gotta dig a little deeper to find what you need in life, not just what you want. It also doesn't matter what you look like. Plus she is just awesome. Blind old lady in the swamp. So funny.

Day 9 - A character who could be your best friend if they were real

Angela from Twilight. She is one of those quiet characters that I completly love and wish that she had more parts (because the rest of the books are pointless and I would rather see more of a character that I like, other than Bella being stupid that is).

Angela always seemed like a person I would get along with and that she would be able to fit into my group of friends. She seemed to be interested in some of the same things I am and I feel that we would have been good friends if she were real.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 8 - The funniest character

I'm going to go with Stephanie Plum from the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. For the most part Stephanie seems like a normal woman. She was out of work and needed a job; she has a nagging mother; she is divorced (she claims it was the shortest marriage in the world); she has two hot guys who are more than willing to make her happy (she keeps choosing Joe over Ranger though-.-); she lives in a two room apartment; and drives a piece of shit car.

All of that seems fairly normal, right? Wrong. Enter her blackmailing her cousin to get a job as a bounty hunter; her car blowing up (multiple cars and multiple times...including some very nice ones Ranger was letting her use); crazy people kidnapping her; murderers going after her; her apartment being blown up; her friend Lula who happens to be an ex 'ho; and the fact that she has to tell her older than dirt (and crazy) grandmother not to drive or to carry a gun. This all leads to sixteen (soon to be seventeen; and I'm not even counting the inbetween novels) books of hilarity. These books are a must read (as well as any other book by Janet Evanovich because they are just as funny).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 7 - The hottest charcter

This is a hard one...I think I'm going to go with Rory Williams from Doctor Who. After all the TARDIS did call him "the pretty one." Pretty much the whole main cast of Doctor Who is hot. I'm just extremely partial to Rory (stop trying to kill him!!!). Between him being a nurse and (*SPOILERS*) and a cool crying Roman when he is holding his baby girl for the first time, I am completely in love with Mr. Pond. I really do wish I was Amy at times...*sigh*