Friday, February 1, 2013


So long time no write...sorry about that. You know that thing called school? I am busy trying manage classes and homework which leaves some free time, but I honestly don't know what I have been doing with that free time besides being lazy.

Anywho, I'm here with exciting news! C.C. Hunter has released the new date her newest Shadow Falls book will be released and much much more at her blog: here.It looks as if Chosen at Nightfall won't be the last Shadow Falls book...I'm really excited to see more from Della's point-of-view. But mostly I want to know who the heck Kylie ends up with. It is going to drive me crazy I am sure.

So I have read more books, but expect all of the reviews I have been meaning to do before I get to the latest books I have read (not even going to mention what they are because that is sort of pointless...). And I'm off to do more school.

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