Friday, October 10, 2014

Eternal by C.C. Hunter

Shadow Falls, a school for paranormal teens, wormed its way into my heart when I read Kylie's first book: Born at Midnight. I had no idea that the series would continue on past Kylie's story, but it has and I am loving Della's story as much, if not more than, the original series.

Della is unique. Not only is she stubborn, tough as nails, and sarcastic, Della is a Reborn. Being a Reborn means having stronger vampiric powers than the average vampire. It also means that she is now bonded with Chase - a mysterious vamp that is less open than Della, which is quite the accomplishment because Della does NOT talk about things. EVER.

Being bonded is difficult for Della, especially since it is something she doesn't want and she most definitely doesn't understand. But being bonded to Chase as a Reborn is not the only thing connecting them. They also seem to have a ghost who wants both of their help, which only makes things even more complicated than they were to begin with. Now Della, with Chase's help (whether she likes it or not), must follow the clues left by the ghost before they run out of time. However, the ghost connects Della to more than to just Chase.

The ghost also continues Della's search for the truth behind her family secrets and reveals her father's dark past. This has Della questioning everything she has ever known and loved.

Filled with excitement and romance, Eternal is a must have for any Shadow Falls fan. Don't miss this second book in the Shadow Falls: After Dark trilogy. C.C. Hunter manages to once again make readers laugh, cry, and genuinely care about the characters in this fantastic book about paranormal teens. The ending will have you begging for more (or it will have you tossing the book across the room, like I almost did). Della and the whole Shadow Falls gang do not disappoint.

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