Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Break Plans FTW

It looks like I will be headed to L.A. for spring break this year! I'm so excited. My friend from school, (who shall remain nameless) who happens to be totally awesome (and Scottish), and I convinced my mom to let us go to L.A. (of course my mom is coming with us, not that I mind. It should be fun). It should be nice and warm and we are going to Disneyland!! We are also planning on tying to go to Fox studios, but that is if we figure it out.


  1. Those plans sound awesome:) So glad you guys worked it out!

    1. Me too:) It is going to be so much fun. I wish you could come with us. That would make it totally awesome.

  2. I wish I could too...that would be very fun indeed:) Instead, we will just have to plan for our trip to New Orleans:)