Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We're sorry...

ARG! Tumblr is over capacity! I don't think I'll survive...or maybe this is the universe telling me to get off of the internet and do my homework...

Also sorry for being missing from blogging (I'm so good with the blogging once a week thing, not!). Hopefully I won't be so busy soon. And then I can fill ya'll in. And write some book reviews. Doesn't that sound nice? Yeah, I thought it did.

P.S. Met a guy...kind of like him...don't know what to do about that...


  1. Woah, wooooaaah, guy? When did this happen? Has anything happened since? Is he totally awesome?

    1. Um, yeah...We have had class together since the beginning of the semester. Sadly he has a girlfriend, but he is totally awesome. He even has a sweatshirt with the TARDIS on it. *sigh*