Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fateful by Claudia Gray

Tess Davies was just a servant working for the Lisles, a wealthy family, when she boarded the Titanic. Tess has been dreaming of this day; the day that she arrives in America and can be free of the Lisles and the pains they have caused her in the past. That is until she meets Alec.

From the moment Tess laid eyes on Alec, she knew her fate was about to change. Just one little problem: Alec is a first-class passenger and he has a ship-full of secrets. One of which is his reason for leaving Europe in such a hurry.

Before Tess realizes she is up to her neck in the secrets Alec possesses: werewolves exist and not only are they after Alec, but her as well. Her growing relationship with Alec puts her in mortal danger, but what everyone doesn't know is that they are all in danger in the deceptively calm waters of the Atlantic.

Claudia Gray spins an alluring tale of romance, werewolves, and of course the Titanic in Fateful. Readers will enjoy the heart gripping passages and fast paced story telling as Tess takes them on a one of a kind adventure. Will Alec and Tess live happily ever after? Will they meet their doom on the "Ship of Dreams?" Or will something a little more sinister cause their end?

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