Monday, January 2, 2012

The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter

"Every girl who has taken the test has died..."

For as long as Kate can remember it has always been just her and her mom. Now that her mom is dying of cancer they move back to Kate's mother's hometown. For Kate this means starting over at a new school in her senior year with no friends and the fear that her mother won't live past fall.

Right off Kate makes an enemy of the head cheerleader, Ava, who tricks her into going to a party - aka: an unfamiliar place where Ava plans to ditch her. Only things go terribly wrong and Ava dies. Enter Henry: tall, dark, mysterious, and extremely powerful. He claims to be the god of the underworld. To prove it he brings Ava back to life and makes a bargain with Kate; Kate will come to live with him and try to pass seven tests and he will keep her mother alive. Suddenly Kate finds her life turned upside down with the possibility of her being able to live. If she succeeds, she will become Henry's future wife and a goddess. If she fails, she will surely die.

While the book beings slowly and is a bit confusing, it picks up the pace as readers follow Kate into Henry's realm. The Goddess Test is an interesting combinations of romance and mystery as there is someone lurking in the shadows trying to make Kate fail. Kate finds it difficult to trust the man who has taken away her freedom, but at the same time she must believe that he will be able to help save her mother. While this is a story of Persephone and Hades, it is not quite the same as the ancient tale. Several other gods and goddesses make their appearance only readers have to make their guesses as to who is who. It is a fast and enjoyable read for those looking for a little romance and a bit of mystery.

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