Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I Hate Steven Moffat

This is probably a hate/love sort of thing because if I really hated Steven Moffat I would stop watching his shows (meaning I would go though some serious withdrawals because Doctor Who and Sherlock are staples in my life). However I cannot forgive him for the emotional trauma I went through on Sunday night when I watched the series two finale of Sherlock

I was fine until I watched John break down. If anything was going to get me it would be John. I had a minor moment of panic when that solitary tear ran down Sherlock's face, but I kept it together until John was shouting at Sherlock's headstone; demanding that Sherlock still be alive. Even though I know how the books went, I was still in shock at what had happened and then Moffat pulls one of his famous "What the hell?!?" moments. Thanks for that Moffat, thanks. Like I don't already get enough of those with Doctor Who? By the way, it is also not appropriate to troll the internet. 


  1. The one upside of that episode is that there a lot of new Moriarty quotes to add to the drinking game?

    1. Oh my goodness yes! We need to get on that!