Thursday, June 28, 2012

Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev

Beatrice "Bertie" Shakespeare Smith was left crushed at the end of Eyes Like Stars. Nate was lost to the Sea Goddess and Ariel had almost destroyed the theatre she loves so much. Now she has set out from the Théâtre Illuminata in order to save Nate and to find out about The Mysterious Stranger - the one who made the protective medallion Bertie wears around her neck.

With her ever present fairy friends and Ariel the wind spirt, Bertie must travel across strange lands and into the strange world of the Sea Goddess. Her feelings battle between her childhood love of Ariel, the forbidden and her growing love for Nate, the man who fills her dreams. With her magic arsenal of words on her side, Bertie is headed into deep water - her only hope being that her magic is strong enough to save them all from the Sea Goddess' power.

Mantchev continues the story of Bertie and her friends in the same fashion of the first novel, Eyes Like Stars. Told like a play in many respects, Bertie grows as a character before the eyes of readers. While in some respects she is still a child, Bertie grows up to be a young woman and she protects her own. The mysteries of her past unfold and readers will be reaching for the third installment before they are hardly finished with this second book in the series.

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