Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen has yet again survived the torments of the Capitol. She doesn't understand why she has survived and the plot that was uncovered in the last book was more than she ever expected. No in the hands of the elusive District 13, Katniss has trouble adjusting to her new life. Not knowing what to expect, Katniss is thrown into a plot that will lead to the destruction of the Capitol and their games for good.

While both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire were both fast paced novels, Mockingjay slows things down. Readers will still flip through the pages, but the action is quite a bit less than before. Katniss' inner turmoil seems to take the center stage more than before. It becomes more clear that she will do what she has to in order for the world to become a better place. Even if that means breaking the trust of those around her.

This conclusion to The Hunger Games trilogy is an exciting end to the story that fans have fall in love with. Who will Katniss choose; Peeta or Gale? Will the Capitol and President Snow fall? Is District 13 the best answer? In a story of loss and betrayal, Katniss will have to choose what side she is on, or if she really is the Mockingjay and will lead her own path.

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