Thursday, June 28, 2012

Only Mine by Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold romances continue in this second trilogy of books about the mainly female populated town of Fool's Gold.

Since the town made headlines with its lack of men and its mostly women run town, the men have been pouring in. That isn't the only issue in the little town. A television reality show has made its presence known leaving Dakota Hendrix to navigate the complexities of what happens backstage and making sure that nothing unseemly happens.

Cue Finn Anderssen, whose twin brothers have entered in the show. Making sure nothing unseemly happens is now much harder as Dakota now has to keep an eye on a meddling older brother and the trouble making twins. The thing is, the more time Dakota spends with Finn, the more she falls for him. Both of them know what it is to be heartbroken, but will they both realize that their love will last and that not all love ends in heartbreak?

Another great installment from Susan Mallery. Only Mine not only follows Dakota and Finn, but also Stephen and Aurelia - the only couple in the reality show that have an actual chance of making it. With meddling towns folk and crazy show producers, Dakota and Finn have their hands full. Full of laughter and tears, Only Mine is a heartfelt romance readers will enjoy every time.

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