Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 29 - A place that gives you wonderlust

That would have be the United Kingdom in general. I can't pick one particular spot, but I can guarantee that if I ever end up in the UK, I will be going everywhere. And I might possibly be staying.

I really want to make this trip with my cousin (only problem is we both hate long travels, but you can't blame us with the family we have). We want to go to Wales and see where Torchwood and Doctor Who were filmed in Cardiff. I want to see Scotland and England and Northern Ireland. I want to walk around with my fake English accent (it is beginning to sound more Scottish now because I've been watching Amy Pond way too much on Doctor Who) and make people wonder if I really am American. Doesn't that sound like an awesome trip? (correct response is "TOTALLY AWESOME!!") I might have to buy Starkid sunglasses as well...

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