Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sherlock and AVPS

So, I have been having a great time with my cousin. I have been watching the BBC's tv series Sherlock with her. It has been loads of fun. We have been creating a drinking game for both the series and the movie Sherlock Holmes. We have also had a lot of fun comparing Jim Moriarty to Umbridge from A Very Potter Sequel (just look at the tags for this post...). I am all for a Sherlock/John relationship. They would be perfect together and they already kind of act that way.

On Thursday we went and saw X-Men: First Class. Needless to say I loved it (and now I want to own it and play the drinking game). I love, love, love Charles...did I mention how much I love him? Well I do (it really didn't hurt that he was played by James McAvoy. Love, love, love). However, Kevin Bacon's nose is huge and I couldn't take him seriously as the bad guy...

Thursday after the movie (that I loved, if you couldn't tell that already) cousin and I went to a birthday party for one of my friends. We tried some interesting drink and had an all over good time.

On Friday we sang "Friday" (don't judge), went to Lake Chelan to have yummy lunch (cousin's mom, my mom and their younger sister came with us; it wasn't as much fun as it could have been; Chelan lost its appeal when we found out they were coming and that the guys were going to a Mariners game...-.-), and in the evening we went for a walk followed by watching Eclipse (again don't judge; I also got another blister...).

Saturday we went to Old Navy and Maurices to look at clothes with my sister, mom and one of my mom's friend Amy (who went with to Wicked). Old Navy was having a fun sale and I got a bunch of shirts. Cousin and I then watched Princess and the Frog. Unfortunately we had to go to Aunt K and Uncle D's house for dinner...insert awkward dinner with food that wasn't the best (that always seems to happen there).

Since it is early Sunday now, not much has happened (besides blogging), but later at a decent hour we are taking a secret trip to Leavenworth and then going to lunch at Uncle K and Aunt M's house in Leavenworth (seriously, like all of my mom's siblings and spouses are here along with her parents -.-). It should be just as much fun as last night's dinner. Oh joy.

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