Sunday, June 5, 2011

Somewhere only we know

This evening I went for a walk around the track with my mom and one of her friends. I was allowed to do my own thing and listen to my iPod (yay! musics!). I had done a few laps around the track when some more people arrived. Specifically a mom, a dad, and their (I'm assuming) teenage son (I'm really hoping he's at least 18...).

So, there we were, all just walking around when the guy starts jogging around the track. He passed me and I though, "He's kind of cute." After a couple more laps of this I began to grin like an idiot every time he would pass me. Pretty soon I had lapped my mom and her friend - it was at that point that we turned around and began to walk in the opposite direction around the track. Now I was able to see the face of the guy with the nice butt. Now I was thinking, "Ohmigods, he's hot."

It was just as he and his parents were leaving that my iPod decided to play the Darren Criss version of "Somewhere Only We Know." How did you know iPod? How did you know?!? Sadly, I doubt I'll see him again anytime soon.

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