Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hell to the no

This is how I feel about my family after today's "lunch." Apparently lunch turned into lunch and dinner and spending six hours with family that I don't exactly like. Oh joy. After spending all day with the crazy people I feel like I was in an alternate universe where the Doctor should have come to save Cousin and me. I think it was a little like the episode "Midnight" only no one died and we all just were wearing pained expressions by the end.

I felt trapped by my family. It wasn't as if I really wanted to talk about the things my aunts, grandparents, uncles and parents were talking about. I also really didn't want to talk to my younger cousin about the Mariners game that he went to (angry face), but he felt the need to gloat and look smug. It was mostly Cousin and I sitting and quoting Moriarty from Sherlock. I really had to resist the urge to cry or burst out in anger. Crying would have been worse, but as my anger tends to look like Umbridge kicking Hermione in the face in AVPS, it isn't very good either.

Instead of acting on any impulse I may have had, there was a lot of staring... Pointed staring; you are going to hell starting; I'm bored out of my ever loving mind staring; I'm not getting in that picture staring...I could go on, but hopefully you get the idea. Gatherings with my family aren't exactly sunshine and daisies. Plus all of my aunts don't exactly get along (and they are blood related sisters) and my part of the family is generally left out of things. Enter Ned staring.

Auntie is a bitch as well as Aunt G and Aunt K. Aunt G is Cousin's mom and she plus all of my aunts and my grandmother all pointed that Cousin and I have spent enough time together. We haven't seen each other for a whole week. Auntie also made it quite clear that under no circumstances am I to come on the trip to Ashland, OR. It has never even crossed her mind that I might enjoy that as an English Major; and not any English Major. I'm a creative writing English major. Keeping us apart is just going to annoy them because apparently they want us texting each other at all hours like we have been since Cousin came back from the UAE. They apparently don't understand that most of our lives have been spent in different states and then in different countries. It is quite a recent development that we have even been able to talk to each other as much as we have been. My mother's side of the family drives me insane.

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