Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 9 - Write a love story

The boy was tall; over six feet in height. His arm was wrapped around the shoulders of a girl. She was maybe as tall as the middle of his chest. Their height difference would have been comical if they hadn't looked so sweet.

Her long brown hair twisted in front of her face in the breeze and he reached over to brush it out of her eyes. I couldn't tell from where I was sitting in the park what color her eyes were, but I imagined them to be green. I imagined that she had freckles splashed across her nose. She turned towards him and I could see that she was smiling at him.

His brown hair was short, but just long enough to be ruffled in the passing breeze. His skin was tanned by the summer sun. Maybe his eyes were brown and maybe he didn't have the freckles I imagined his girlfriend had. He was sharing her smile now. They made a cute pair, even though their heights weren't exactly complimentary.

They hadn't been together for very long. I could tell because they still had a happy glow around them. They hadn't become hardened or chastised. They were truly happy - the honeymoon stage. I was fine watching them, but if I got closer to them or if they got closer to me I would be able to feel the hole in my chest throb. Of course it isn't a literal hole. How could I have a hole in my chest and still be alive? This isn't "Torchwood: Miracle Day".

The girls turned toward the boy and stood on her tip toes. He grinned even more and bent down in order to kiss her. I don't think I had seen a sight so cute in a long time. I suppose that is what happens when one closes themselves off from society. Just because I suffered heartbreak doesn't mean that everyone will suffer the same fate. Easier to say than to believe, but I'm trying. I really hope the pair in this park aren't destined for the heartbreak I have gone through. That would be harsh for such a perfectly cute pairing.

Their kiss ended and they separated. It looked as if they were going their separate ways. Maybe their parents didn't approve or maybe they both didn't drive and had to walk home at opposite sides of the park. I think I'll go with their parents don't approve. Makes things seem more romantic. I might have to come back tomorrow and see if they are here again. I could use a pretend love story in my life.

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