Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Gwen has grown up thinking that it was her cousin, Charlotte, who had the ability to time-travel. How surprising it was to find out that it was her instead. Gwen is soon introduced to the life that was supposed to be Charlotte's. Here she meets Gideon, a fellow time-traveler, who doesn't seem to be very keen about letting her know about her new life.

Only two trips into the past together has given Gwen the adventure of a lifetime. And it doesn't hurt that her companion is a cute guy who happens to seem interested in her. Still, there is the mystery of her cousin Lucy's betrayal and why the mysterious circle should not be closed. As the mystery thickens, it becomes clear to Gwen that not everyone should be trusted and she should trust her feelings even less.

Gwen is a strong character from the start. It is clear to readers that she has lead a normal life and that her cousin Charlotte has had anything but. When their lives are switched Gwen is confused and while some of the characters mistake her confusion for stupidity, it is clear she is not stupid at all. This book has more than just time-travel. The small bits of romance mixed in with the mystery will appeal to readers. The mystery is deepened just as the book is coming to a close and will leave readers wanting the next book, Sapphire Blue (2012). It is full of excitement and mystery; romance and adventure. A great read for those looking for an adventure.

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