Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 2 - Write a fanfiction

You can find some of my other stuff here. Here is an excerpt from a fanfic I am working on at the moment...

Luke looked at Fred from across the pathway. It was moments before they were supposed to put their plan into action. Fred was confused. What on Earth did Luke want to talk about at such a critical moment?

"Have you ever wondered why I only dated one girl during all of our years at Hogwarts?" Luke asked.

Fred shrugged, "Not really. I didn't keep tabs on your dating habits." So that was a little lie. He kept tabs, he just wasn't curious as to why Luke only dated Olivia.

"I realized something while dating Olivia," Luke continued, like he hadn't even heard Fred's response, "while I thought she was pretty and I liked her, I knew that I could only like her as a friend. I wasn't attracted to her. Or any girl for that matter." That got Fred's attention.

"I only could think of one person. The one person I was attracted to and knew I shouldn't be. That person is you, Fred."

Fred's mouth went dry. He had hoped that this was the case. He had dreamed, but never in a million years had he actually thought that Luke Thomas was gay. Fred looked across the path to where Luke was. Luke was looking at the ground, suddenly very interested in the dust on his shoes.

"Is-" Fred cleared his throat, "is that why Olivia is so pissed at you?"

Luke lifted his face, disbelief written all over it like he couldn't believe how calmly Fred was taking the news. "Partly. The other reason she is so mad was because I told her James liked her. She didn't believe me - or she didn't want to."

"Yeah, that would have made her angry." Fred said thoughtfully. He knew it was his turn to layout his cards, but he wanted to word things properly. Silence settled between the two young men and they could hear the music and cheering coming from the wedding party in the field behind the Burrow. Luke shuffled his feet when the quiet became too much and Fred knew that he had to speak now of forever hold his peace (pardon the pun).

"Luke, I have something to say as well." Fred took a deep breath, "I'm sure you noticed that I never dated anyone at school. I can also tell you that I never kissed anyone. I have known for a long time that there was only one type of person that I liked. My family and not even all of them, are the only ones that know. I'm gay and for quite sometime I have only been interested in you."

They looked at each other for a moment before Luke crossed the path and entered the space Fred was standing in. Fred fidgeted a little at their closeness, but there wasn't anywhere he could go. He had been leaning against the shed after all. Fred looked directly into Luke's dark eyes and he could see the desire there, the same desire he himself felt every time he was with Luke.

"Do you really mean it?" Luke asked softly.

"Of course," was Fred's reply.

There wasn't much warning before Luke's lips came crashing down on Fred's. Luke's lips were chapped, but Fred didn't mind as Luke's lips explored his. Fred raised his hands to Luke's neck and head to pull Luke even more firmly to his mouth. Fred soon felt Luke's hands on his hips, pulling him even closer.

Soon, Fred relaxed his grip on Luke and pulled back, gasping for air. Fred rested his forehead against Luke's as he smiled. A loud bang startled both boys into realizing where they were and what they were supposed to be doing.

"Crap!" Fred cursed, "if we are still here when Aunt Fleur comes, we are dead." Luke and Fred turned and ran down the path, hopefully avoiding detection...


  1. I just...just...yay^^ this is happy-making^^

  2. I'm glad you like it:) It was happy-making to write.