Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 4 - Rant about anything

Um...I could rant about my family, but I don't think I want to do that because it will really piss me off and I'm in an okay mood...So I'm going to rant about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two (which I have seen twice now).



  1. It was very well made.

  2. It was great if you haven't read the book.

  3. Voldemort hug...just, yeah. Giggle fest right there.

  4. My favorite line was in the movie: "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!" It was awesome.

  1. It didn't follow the, at all.

  2. Olivander didn't know about the Deathly Hallows. He knew about the elder wand because he studied wand lore and knew about the wand that was surrounded by death; the death stick.

  3. Neville/Luna never happened! NEVER! Luna marries Rolf and Neville marries Hannah, end of story. I can't even believe that they made that cannon. I just, grrr!

  4. Voldemort hugging Draco. Didn't happen in the book, why did they think they could put that in the movie?

  5. Harry wasn't naked in the King's Cross sequence with Dumbledore.

  6. Voldemort couldn't feel his bits of soul dying. He didn't know that Harry and his gang were going after them until they broke into the Lestrange's vault. And there was no skin chaffing. Which was gross. So gross and wrong.

  7. There was no big show down in the great hall between Harry and Voldemort; instead they went base jumping! (You jump, I jump Jack!)

  8. Harry didn't have the big speech he was supposed to have before Voldemort died.

  9. Voldemort didn't burst into bits of ash...or whatever that was. He died and it wasn't supposed to be a spectacular death besides that he was finally dead (the whole thing reminded me of Quirrel's death in the first movie which was also done incorrectly, but that is for another post).

  10. You didn't know that Lupin and Tonks had a baby. When Harry mentions Lupin's son in the forest before he goes to "die", I was like "You never even mentioned that Tonks was preggers, how are we supposed to know that he has a kid and that his name is Teddy? They didn't even say his name!!"

  11. While The Prince's Tale was filmed wonderfully, it didn't fully explain the whole Snape/Lily/James story. Plus Snape didn't show up to Godric's Hollow the night they died. *eye twitch*

  12. HARRY BROKE THE FREAKING ELDER WAND!! WTF?!? He didn't even fix his old wand. Guess he's stuck with Draco's old wand. *massive eye twitch*

  13. There was no expanding on Dumbledore's past. No explanation of his brother or sister. No explanation at all.

  14. The mirror that saved Harry's life by looking in the broken piece and asking for help was Harry's mirror and the mirror Mr. Dumbledore had belonged to Sirius. Book five info people.

  15. How did Luna and Dean get to Hogwarts before Harry, Ron, and Hermione? They were supposed to show up after.

  16. What was that whole scene with Snape and the students in the Great Hall? That didn't happen in the book. There was supposed to be this totally awesome scene between Snape and the teachers and the Order wasn't supposed to show up until later, not much later, but they weren't there during the defence stages.

  17. Why didn't Harry have the invisabilty cloak when he went into the forest? Because without it the scene where he is "dead" is all wrong. He didn't jump out of Hagrid's arms. He was placed on the ground (however this made me giggle because right before it was the hug scene and that was so very awkward...).

  18. Harry didn't tell his son, Albus, that he was almost put into Slytherin.

  19. Why didn't we get to see Scorpius Malfoy's face? Why did we only see the back of his head?

  20. Why was there no mention of Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley? That would have been great.

  21. Ron didn't warn Rose away from Scorpius (which is the whole reason that Rose/Scorpius fanfiction is just as popular as Dramione fanfiction).

  22. Ron and Hermione didn't try to kill the snake, only Neville had the chance to. At least he actually killed the snake. For a moment I didn't think that he was going to.

  23. The Ron/Hermione kiss took place in the wrong area. And wasn't witnessed by anyone.

  24. You don't get to see Fred's death (which would have been more depressing, but it was important).

  25. You don't get to see Percy reconcile with his family.

I think those are all of the parts that really bugged me...I didn't think there were twenty-five to be honest. I knew there were a lot, but wow. Anyway, I didn't like the movie very much. Especially after the last one which was so good and followed the book quite well. This movie was a big disappointment.

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