Sunday, July 31, 2011


...I can't believe this is my one-hundredth post. I know I said I would be posting everyday after my absence, but I was house-sitting from Thursday to Saturday and their internet sucked. I would try to go online and it would loose the connection. Why didn't I use my laptop and wireless, you ask. They didn't have wireless. I was so very not amused.

To top things off my mom decided that we were going to walk two times a day. An hour in the morning and forty minutes at the least in the evening. Now here is the thing about the Wenatchee Valley in the summer. It sucks. The temperature reaches ninety degrees by nine in the morning and doesn't cool off until about eight in the evening and then you don't want to go out because it is still warm. So in other words, my mom is trying to kill me with heat (and to a lesser extent exercise by walking me to death).

And today my mom and I went on a really long walk before we had to come home and make things for dinner tonight. Dinner will be taking place at my grandparent's house (the good ones) and my aunt and uncle (again, the good ones) will be there. My mom and I made pasta salad, chocolate zucchini cake (with chocolate frosting, yum!), and zucchini bread. It looks like this is going to be a long day. At least I'm catching up on my blog and reading. That is happy making.

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