Sunday, July 10, 2011

To make a long story short...


That was my reaction to the church sermon today. The usual pastor wasn't there (I was really looking forward to seeing him, he is awesome and I always get something out of his sermons) and the person in his place was not the best. His sermon was full of stories that didn't seem to go with the Bible passage at all. So when he said, "To make a long story short," all I could think was, "Too late." It was a total Clue: The Movie moment.

After church Cousin, my mom, and Auntie (plus Cousin's younger brother) all headed back to Grandma's and Grandpa's. From there Cousin, Younger Cousin, and I all went up to the room Cousin and I are sharing and watched the second episode of Sherlock. I am so glad that Younger Cousin loves the show as much as Cousin and I do.

Now Cousin and I are listening to Glee songs and haunting the internet (well, she is actually making gifs). Her nephews continue to be adorable even though all three of them are a tad cranky at the moment. Hopefully they will become adjusted to the time zone soon.

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