Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Syfy's Alice: The Drinking Game

As I watched Alice for the hundredth time after making my Hatter post, I realized that this movie had the makings of a great drinking game. So here goes (subject to changes later), take a shot as directed:

1. Anytime Alice yells for someone. Ex: "Jack!" "Charlie" "Hatter!"

2. Every time Charlie sings "Hey nonny nonny..."

3. Every time Hatter suggests something to Alice and she tells him "No" and Hatter's response is then "No?" (basically every time Alice and Hatter have a disagreement).

4. Anytime Alice is running and it just looks like flailing (seriously, she flails a lot).

5. When ever there is a reference to a deck of cards.

6. When Hatter says "Tea sho-p" and makes that big popping noise at the "p" (lord am I envious of that).

7. Anytime Charlie mentions the black arts.

8. Every time Hatter preforms a hat trick (not that kind!!).

So these are all of them for the moment. I am going to confer with Cousin and see if anything needs added. Enjoy and remember this is a three hour movie and drinks will help pass the time.


  1. Flail! I likes this post v much. And you're right, drinks would help to pass the three hours, especially that dry patch in the middle...

  2. Yes!! Exactly my point. You would have to watch the middle to see if there were any point when a shot could be taken:D Which of course there are.