Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Exile by Anne Osterlund

Crown Princess Aurelia and Robert Vantauge are back in this exciting sequel to Aurelia. Aurelia has chosen exile in the form of a kingdom wide expedition. Knowing that her father has abandoned her for her half sister Melony, Aurelia travels to see the places she has only heard about and has always wanted to see. The assassination attempts on her life however, have not ceased. With Robert as her guide, will Aurelia find the support she needs from the people of her kingdom or will she fall in love with the one man she knows she shouldn't? From the freedom of the frontier to the blistering desert sands, Aurelia must discover who she is and what she is made of before she can return; all the while giving her people the hope they will need to survive.

Exile kept the same quick pace of its predecessor. Danger continues to lurk behind every page and even though Aurelia is away from court, politics play a huge role in the story. The fact that assassins are still after Aurelia even though she has basically given up her hold on the throne, is a major part in the plot. Who could possibly want Aurelia dead now and for whom do the assassins ultimately answer to? As the story progresses the reader, and the characters, are lulled into a false sense of security. Aurelia and Robert are seen struggling against their feelings for each other as they travel as commoners to avoid notice.

This book is very much the sequel of Aurelia. The combination of mystery, fantasy, and romance keep the story fresh and will hook the reader as easily as the first book. Readers will not want to put the book down as curiosity captures the imagination.

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