Sunday, July 3, 2011

Syfy's Alice: Hatter

If you couldn't already tell by the title or the gif image above, this is a post about Hatter. From his hair to his jackets, to his hat, to his Kevlar vest, Hatter is a bad ass. He also has quiet the right fist.

I would trust Hatter with my life. I am quiet envious of Alice (her hair, her dress, her boots, her jacket that Hatter gave her) and the relationship she has with Hatter. I want a love like theirs (even though I am sure that they will have their fair share of spats).

Seriously, those two are going to have gorgeous children (who have a sensible dress style). Have I mentioned how much I love his hair? Even though it is usually covered by a groovy hat? I love, love, love his hair.

And his chocolate brown eyes. Soulful, loving, eyes that make me want to cry when they are filled pain. That is one handsome man right there.

The gif above is one of my favorite scenes with Hatter. The way he pops his "p" in tea shop has me fascinated. I wish I could pop my "p's" like he does. I would never stop saying "tea shop".

I never like seeing Hatter in is too painful to watch. When I first watched Alice, I was extremely upset that he was shot and for a moment I actually though he was dead, just like Alice had thought. I liked Hatter from the moment I met him and I was extremely happy that he didn't die just after meeting him.

I think that Hatter isn't just called "Hatter" because he wears a hat; I think it is also because of the hat tricks (not those kind, get your mind out of the gutter, jeez) he preforms with his hat. I mean, look at Charlie's face, he was amazed (and so was I).

And again, envious of Alice. I want to be kissed like that...*sigh* (Plus his name is David?!? I didn't see that one coming...but it is better than Eugene.)

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  1. I'm thinking you might really need to make an Alice: Drinking Game post now^^